Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fantastic News For Your Holiday....Plus, Home & Pet Safety Tips!

Here's some fantastic news!

Japan had it's share of troubles, but they can celebrate now.

Just born at the Tokyo Zoo are a trio of adorable cheetah cubs.

I have the first video, their world debut.   I know you'll enjoy their lovable antics.

Here are some more sweeties....from that great youtube channel of Furball Fables.  They help feral kittehs find homes and have a fun life.   I've showed their video's before, and
you all love them.  This is very cute and creative.  I want them all!

Of course we don't want our puppy friends to feel left out, so here are some doggies
at their play house.  They seem to be having lots of fun, the rambunctious rascals.

No matter if you have a dog or kitty, you want to be extra careful this weekend, because of all the fire crackers.  Here are some tips to help your pets,
from the Homeward Pet Rescue and Adoption Center   Keep your pets safe during this noisy holiday.  I sure hope you don't have to use the tips at the end, if you lose your pet!

The Fourth of July, and the days leading up to the Fourth, can be a dangerous and frightening time for pets. In addition to the risks of injuries and burns, many pets are fearful of the excitement and noise created by fireworks. They may act irrationally or fearful and panic, going to great lengths to escape their normal enclosures, jump fences or chew through leashes. When in distress, pets can run incredibly long distances, may lose their sense of direction and end up far from home (or, many scared pets attempting to run from the noise can dart into roads
 and be injured or killed).

More runaway and lost pets end up in animal shelters on this holiday than any other time of the year.
Pet owners need to be careful and thoughtful with their pets around the Fourth of July, and make sure their animals are kept safe and - in the unfortunate event that they do escape and get lost - are microchipped and wearing secure collars with current license and identification tags.

Safety Tips
  · Do not let your pet outside during fireworks. There have been many tragic cases of dogs grabbing or running after fireworks and having them explode. Even sparklers burn at very high temperatures and can inflict serious burns on dogs and cats.
· Always keep your pets indoors, in a secure, comfortable area, with windows and curtains closed. Keep a radio on to distract them.
· If you are leaving town for the holiday, board your pet or leave it with a friend or family member.
· Plan ahead. If your pet is extremely sensitive, consult with your veterinarian about the possibility of giving your pet a mild sedative to keep it calm, if necessary.
· Make sure your pet is wearing a secure collar, with a license and identification. A pet wearing a license tag can be identified and returned to you, or safely sheltered at your local animal control until you can reclaim it.
· Microchip your pet. Animals, especially when frightened or in a panic, can become separated from their collars and tags, a microchip is extra insurance to show the identity of your animal.

If You Lose Your Pet 
Because animals in distress can travel long distances, and frightened animals may elude capture by a good Samaritan or animal control professionals for days, you'll have to be proactive and vigilant to recover your lost pet after the Fourth Of July.
· Post signs throughout your neighborhood with a photo and description of the animal and your phone number. Offer a reward for return.
· Place 􏰁Lost Pet􏰀 ads on craigslist and in local newspapers. 
· Call the Lost Pet Hotline of your local Animal Control every day to see if your pet is in the shelter.
· Check regularly with other animal shelters throughout the community in case your lost pet was found in another area and brought to a shelter.

Well, that was very informative!  I know you read with rapt attention!

Some careful Planning, and your little one will have a restful holiday, 
and will watch out for you, too!  Good to sleep with your eyes open ;-)

Also, if you're going away from are some 
GREAT TIPS from Fox News on how to keep your Home Safe!

Some advise:  Be extra vigilant when you have the TV News on,
look what might happen if you're not quick enuf w/that Remote!

Oh the horror!  Please don't subject your pets to that, you'll never forgive yourself, and you'll probably feel like puking, too.


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