Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally, a Political Video Worth Watching!

It's time to cut through the
red tape and rhetoric, and
watch a video from a
Politician who TELLS IT

There might be hope for
Congress yet, if everyone
felt like Rep. Joe Walsh,
(R) IL, & wasn't afraid to say it!

This needs to go viral!
Joe has a YouTube Channel, and I'm sure he'll be putting out many more lovely
vids as the days drag on!  ENJOY!

There, gives one some real "hope", doesn't it!  I would submit drunken sailors have more brains, sense and class.  Plus, they don't run out of the room in a sulk when they don't get their way, like a 3 year old brat taking his ball home ;-)

Politics is dreary and sickening, but I felt this needed to be heard.
UPDATED:  This video has gotten ALOT of Play!  This afternoon, Our Hero, Joe,
bashed that commie bum, Martin Bashir on that rag channel msnbc!
Click HERE  for the Fun!  H/T Fox Nation.

Now, here are some cute kitteh's that don't have to go out on the edge, but they do!

WOW, brave little guys, aren't they?  And very smart too!
Much like dear adorable Kittehkins!

Bye for now, from your friends in cuteville ;-)


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Can't state any Facts Nowdays!

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