Sunday, April 24, 2011

Even More Shocking ~ What Side Are YOU On?

Greetings, Bunni Friends.  I hope you've been having a nice Spring so far!  Plus, It's Easter!
Have a very Happy, Hoppy Easter.
 I have been keeping up on my news and video's, and I saw a great short but sweet one from the fearless freedom fighter, Alex Jones!  He is very spot on here, and I concur with his assessment of what to do in these times of great challenge! He makes a whole lot of sense, that's for sure.

That was enlightening, wasn't it?  Now we can entertain ourselves with an
adorable kitteh who wants an Easter Egg!    I hope the Easter Bunny left him a big basket of goodies today.  Also,  Happy Passover to my Jewish readers.

Kitteh is so happy at the end, she got what she wanted!  I hope you get
what you want in this joyous season too!  (Unless you're a lefty troll, then
I hope you get stuffed ;-)  The trolls are getting called out, see the comments,
complete with screen shots!  They don't even bother to try denying it now.

Remember our friend, the Guilty Dog?  Well, there are also Guilty Cats!
No, really, watch this video and you'll see at the end, the little guy
does have a rather guilty look in his eyes.

Even if you don't understand the language, you know what the owner is
saying!  The little purrrrs reply, "It wasn't me, I swear".

I hope the first kitty doesn't sue the owner for false accusations, because
I think that second kitty was the culprit, or maybe he's just tired of being
blamed for his brother's antics.  Another great mystery of life we'll never know
the true answer to.  So many false flags and LIARS lately!  Make up your own mind, I sure know I have made up MY mind, long ago,  based on MONTHS of evidence!
Do you dare do the same?  Well, I won't tell you, but if you connect the dots, and
have the hard evidence, it's plain as the cute little nose on kitteh's face, it is!

UPDATE ~~~~~>  UPDATE!  One mystery I DO know the answer to is
Today is Easter Sunday!  Bunnies, Kitteh's, pups and their people everywhere are
celebrating!  I hope you have the Happiest Easter Ever, I know I will ;-)

Ahhhh, That little one sure has lots of Easter Toys!

This is cute, I love the little tan kitty that looks like a tiger, such nice markings.
What are these cutie pies up to?


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