Friday, April 8, 2011

Foamy The Squirrel ~ Show Nowhere

Our Friend Foamy is back!  He has an interesting rant about what passes as entertainment on TV these days.

I agree with some of his rant, but only a tiny part.
I find there are many great, enlightening shows,
if you know where to look.  (Click Squirrely for a Surprise). Many historical documentaries are very instructive, especially if you didn't learn all the fact-filled truth in school.

You know with Foamy, Language Alert!

Why the hell does Foamy always have that skanky broad show up at the end
of the video's ???  "Stop watching crap", indeed.  Always have to appeal to
the lowest common twit, no doubt.

Well, here's something that will disgust you even more, and it's historically
proven fact - even admitted by the perverted perps who did all the evil deeds!
Only took them several hundred years to fess up, but who's counting?

I found this gem of a series on one of the PSB stations last week.
Wow, I had missed it the first go around, I'm happy they are re-running it.
Episodes one & two were shown, I can't wait to watch the others.  In the mean time, I'll check out the trailers. Prepare to be even further disgusted by the murderous scums and slimy, money grubbing hypocrites.  Finally, they opened the secret files and start apologizing???? Hmmm, sorry, that doesn't cut it for me.  They STILL are doing the same apologizing today, after the fact, for their other, ongoing diabolical crimes. I say, save your breath, scumbags; tell someone who is still stupid enough to believe your swill.

Well, after all that, we need a break for some cuteness!

Talented Kittehs and Finger Puppets, how sweet!

Even sweeter; Sock Puppets, check this out, you'll be enlightened, to say the least.

Wow, that woke you up, I hope, or just call yourself permanently brain dead and
go live in a cave.  Many thanks to the Brilliant Barking Spider for
bringing this video to our attention.  You can read Spidey's insightful post
about this RIGHT HERE.
I think the spam is the least of our's those sneaky, snaky,
duplicitous trolls who have been hiding in plain sight amongst us for years.
Well, the jig is up, as they say.  You have been well and truly caught out, and go troll elsewhere, and bother clueless morons who haven't caught on to you, yet!

I have read about this secret, nefarious infiltration of the blogosphere for quite some time now.  It's WAY more pervasive than the average, honest person would ever imagine.
Thankfully, finally,  it's becoming MUCH more publicized, and
you'd be VERY surprised who is a "sock puppet", and where they are,
 (Hint, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE).  They are being written about everywhere,
such as in this enlightening article in the Guardian UK.
If you want to learn more, do some google or bing searches....must I do EVERYTHING to enlighten you people, learn something for yourself, FFS!    Time to wake up and smell the doggie doo, as it were.  Or not, totally up to you.
 You can continue to bury your head in the sand, or elsewhere ;-)

Or, just watch another cute video and stay blissful.
You've seen the swimming Bunny, now watch this big gal & her friend go it one better,  The Scuba diving Kitteh (with Puppy Pal)

Until we meet again, have fun out there! 


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So thats the problem with my computer! I need more cats!

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