Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet the Mini McCheetos! Videos plus LIVE Webcam!

There are two new residents at the National Zoo!  Adorable
Baby Cheetahs!  Are any kitteh's cuter?  I think not.

I was looking at Cute Overload the other day, and they had this adorable Photo
"Mini McCheetersons is spending a Caturday in a bucket."
This could be a Cat-tast-trophe!  see the original post.

As luck would have it, the Today show this morning had a story about two
new baby Cheetahs at the National Zoo!  Here is a video from the Zoo.

Aren't they precious!  They also have the cutest voices, they sound like
chirping birds, who knew?  Watch the NBC Story here, you'll love it.

The story of their birth and ongoing care is beautiful.  The Mom Cheetah, Zazi,
adopted one of the baby cubs and saved it's life!  Look at a slide show and
read this remarkable story here at the National Zoo Website.
It's really cool and the photo's advance automatically.

Also at the website, you can find a LIVE Cheetah Cub Webcam!
Click THIS LINK,   You'll see "Cheetah Cub Cam" click the arrow on the bottom left of the screen and the Webcam will become activated.  
It's AMAZING when they are playing with their mom and running around!
There are other live feed webcams on the Zoo site too, so check them out.

After a while, these little baby McCheetersons will grow up to be bigger,
much like these guys below!  They just came back from vacation.

I hope you enjoyed spending time with the Cheetah's, they

enjoyed meeting you, and their little tiger buddy here gives you a hi five!
I'm off to watch more of the webcam, they are really active now!

UPDATE ~~~> UPDATE!  I'm becoming addicted to "Cheetah Cam" if you click the link and minimize the window, it's small, you can keep in the corner of your monitor and watch the little darlings while you're surfing!  Too much cuteness for me to handle. MUST. LOOK. AWAY!

If you want to check out something wonderful in the Blogosphere, ALSO:  Today Teresa posted her best EAGLE FREEDOMS LINKS Ever, and that's saying something.
Her Ronald Reagan edition!  So many beautiful vids & photos of our dear departed
Ronnie, check it out.  She linked me too! 

 Thanks for all you do, Teresa! 
I bestow on you the Award, Order of the Patriot of the Year, Squirrel edition!


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