Friday, February 11, 2011

Had a Rough Few Days? Relax and Slow Down!

It's been a long, hard week.  All the turmoil and back and forth, within the world.  Things get on your  nerves more and more, with no end in sight.

What we need to do is relax and take it easy.  Quit worrying about all the murder and mayhem, it will still be there when we are refreshed. This little guy knows how to take a calming and relaxing break.  I feel relaxed and refreshed just imagining the hot springs washing my troubles away.
       "A capybara sits under stream of hot water cascading onto it to keep warm during a snowy day at Saitama children's zoo near Tokyo"
Hat tip from the great "Telegraph Animal Pictures of the Week".
Click their link and you'll see lots of great animal pics, including our pals, the Mini
McCheetahsons, in new poses, and some lovely lions, tigers, & bears, Oh My!

To further inspire you to slow down, watch how this gorgeous kitty does it.

A little chipmunk also takes it easy and doesn't rush around, learn from him.

Hat tip to the adorable Blog of Holy Cuteness for the above video's!

 It's nice to slow down and contemplate life, thanks to FreakSmack for the above pic! 

It's even nicer to contemplate life while you are drinking a few brews!  But, why schlepp to the fridge yourself, have your doggie pals do it for you!

I found this funny video on Lizzy's YouTube Channel!  She spent alot of time
uploading all the funniest commercials of the SuperBowl, go visit her and
see the ones you missed during the game.

After drinking all that beer, you'll undoubtedly need to visit the restroom.
In keeping with your laziness, don't even flush, have these kitteh's do it
for you, they don't mind, honestly, they enjoy it!

I hope you are now in a nice relaxed frame of mind!  Forget about riots and
all the awfulness of the regime.  Maybe after all your libations, you can fall
asleep and have a wonderful dream, you'll never want to wake up!

Sweet Dreams from Bunni!   xoxoxox

Update ~~~~>  Update!  I'm happy to report I have some great bloggers sharing
some Linky Love this Beautiful Valentine's Day Weekend!

William over at Pirate's Cove has a beautiful Sunday Pinup - Valentine's Edition.
                        Thanks Bill, that pic is too adorable, and such great links!

Always gracious Jamie of Eye of Polyphemus was kind enough to link me
                         in his fun Blogroll Spotlight #81.  Thanks, Jamie.

Matt at Conservative Hideout 2.0 has a great Sunday Link Post, Ford Edition.
            There are loads of great posts linked, and some really sweet classic cars!

Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner has the right idea, & was gracious enough to link me.                It's the Weekend, Lets take a Break.....   Thanks Adrienne!  We need breaks.


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