Friday, January 21, 2011

Foamy the Squirrel ~ UPDATED, Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Stop the presses, In my feeds I just realized
it's Squirrel Appreciation Day!

I'm not going to do a whole new post on this fun fact, but just wanted to alert you to all the cute squirrelly piccy's on the link, despite it's from that leftist rag, huff po.

 Even a stopped clock is right 2 times a day, and the pics are CUTE.....Now on to Foamy.......
I bet you were wondering what happened
to our silly, sweary, squirrel friend, Foamy?

Well, frankly I wasn't thrilled with the video's he and his cohorts were putting out the last several months.  They went off on a strange tangent with weird goth women....nothing squirrely about it, and frankly rather gross, I thought.

I'm all for humor, but this was particularly puerile and tasteless....I'm sure most of my readers will run right over now and subscribe to the YouTube channel.....hee hee!  Hey, knock yourselves out, but I only post ones that I think are actually somewhat funny, cute, and entertaining!

I think the author realized people weren't too thrilled in the direction the Foamster
was taking.  I am posting a fairly new one, that harkens a return (Hopefully)
to the Foamy we all know and love!  He's sent us a Postcard from the Ledge.

Foamy was in a funk over the Christmas Season.  In all the festivities, I missed
his rant on Christmas Songs!  Now that the season is over, I think it is safe
to play his enlightening rant!  YO, Language Alert!    Not safe for work, ha ha.

There, aren't you glad Christmas time is over?
Although, you wouldn't know it by
the horrible winter weather.  

It's SO ICY out here, it's seriously dangerous and a person needs ice skates to venture outside.  Even squirrels are in hiding and wearing their extra warm caps and mittens.

Stay safe and don't slip slide away.  The News Reports are all full of dangerous travel, car crashes and a 40% uptick in
Emergency Room admissions.

Makes you want to stay in with a warm cup of your favorite coffee and watch
another Foamy Video.....Have someone deliver you a cup from StarBuck's,
they now have a new extra, extra large size!
      Don't send Foamy there to fetch it, he might be banned by now.

When it's warms enough to go & play outside again, Squirrely will let us know.

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