Monday, January 17, 2011

Love is in the Air

Don't listen to the hate filled mentals and lying libtards who want people to be at odds all the time.  They stir up trouble to advance their agendas.  Love is the strongest force on earth.  Even our Animal friends know this fact.

I found a kissable video that will make you smile and start off your weekend in a wonderful frame of mind, even if all you have to kiss is your pet kitty, pooch, or fish.
Well, don't actually kiss your fish, maybe blow a kiss to the fishbowl or something.

If all creatures on earth can be happy, we can strive to be happy too!

Even if we have to drag ourselves everyday to a job we hate, at least try to be glad
you have one & are getting paid for your labors.

 My squirrel friend here was forced by this awful job market
 to get a job in an office, as horrors, A TEMP!

 All that pencil pushing, for little pay
and no respect!  She seems to be fitting
in with the routine very well, though.

I bet she's glad, like you are, that it's the weekend and she can rest.
Read more about it, and see her other lovely photo's here:
"A Day in the Life of a Squirrel Temp"   H/T Cute Overload!

Cuddle up with the things you love this long weekend and enjoy yourself.
Sometimes you have to take a break from all the awfulness in the world,

just relax and hug a pony or something!

This adorable little kitty is named Meesha and he has his own website!
It is aptly named "Kitty Cat Bliss". The story of how he got adopted is wonderful!
You can also access his YouTube Channel from there, or by clicking on the right
side of the video!  I have added Meesha's adorable website to my esteemed blogroll, 'cause that's how I roll!


Huggs from Bunni!

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