Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Bunni ~ Super Vids to Start your 2011 off Right!

Happy New Year to all my friends!
  It's 2011 Already in many parts of the world, and soon to be here!  I hope you have the best year and decade ever!  It's the Year of the Rabbit!  So right there I'm thinking this year will be MUCH better than the last several.

Thanks to our talented friend, Lawson, for making the great picture.

There are already lots of creative video's on YouTube to Celebrate this Festive Time of Year, so without further adieu, I give you a cool compilation with a bit of rule 5 thrown in for good measure by the talented Annabelle.  It will get the party off to a great start!

Now here is the Official Display from Sydney, Austrialia.  They are always  1/2 day ahead of us, so they are well into 2011!  Keep them in your prayers,
they are having Horrible Floods and need our good thoughts, prayers and help.

It's actually around 50 degrees here, and raining heavily, so at least I won't have a holiday ruined by snow.  It's going to be colder tomorrow again, so I'll need to look at
the World's Cutest Animals to warm me up!  The soundtrack is very relaxing too.

I hope this Year of the Rabbit, 2011, finds you in good health, happiness, and wealth.

Just think, we are that much closer to 2012, so that's something to celebrate.

Have a Happy January 1, 2011 and don't be hungover, or loose your keys or anything.

You will be happy to know 1-1-2011 ACTUALLY STARTS THE NEW DECADE!
I bet you didn't know that!  Well, now you do.  I'm very glad about this, because I can
say the last decade for me, and a lot of us, I"m guessing, was pretty crappy!
Especially since November, 2008.  I hope we can survive a few years longer!
So, we have a chance to put the past behind us, and look forward to the future.

We must try and do that, or we'll be sad and depressed, and hopeless.
That's not a good way to start a New Decade and New Year, so resolve to banish the blahs!  Chin up, Cheer Up, and Party On, dudes and dudettes!  I'll be here all year, as I've always been, to bring you fun and cheery video's to help lighten the mood and make you smile.

Update ~ Update! Thanks to Jamie over at Eye of Polyphemus for
linking me in his great Blogroll Spotlight #75!

Also, an absolute MUST READ and WATCH from Matt over at
Conservative Hideout 2.0.    He has great links (mine included) and the
most inspiring video's of our Dear Past President, Ronald Reagan!  Thanks, Matt!


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