Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year From Bunni

Happy 2010!  I hope by now you have recovered from your night of revelry.  It's a New Year and Decade, and I hope it is your Best Ever!  Everyone has done the New Year Highlight Posts to death by now, but I'll put up a few more video's and links to entertain you today.  Of course, it's always fun to start off with Fireworks from around the World, I think the Prettiest were in London.

There have been lot's of New Year's Countdowns, but I think Glenn Beck's was very entertaining.

Breitbart's Big Government reports on the Most Under-Reported Stories of 2009

The Sun reports our friends across the pond braved the Cold weather, perhaps
some should have just stayed home! "Hardy Brits defy chill in 2010"
Poor drunken sods... I bet they have a big Hangovers today - not to mention the 
embarrassment of being plastered all over the papers. Bunni's tip, DO NOT wear high heels on icy pavements when you are's hard to get up.

I hope you don't have a Hangover, my dear friends, but if you do, revisit my post
that informs you how to cure hangovers, plus have some laughs!

Here's to Our Best Decade Ever! Be warned, MSM, in 2010, we are launching
the YEAR OF THE BLOGOSHERE! Watch this cool video from G.O.T.
to inspire you to shake things up, and hold the liars accountable. Go get 'em.
We all have our work cut out for us in 2010! And we will send the jerks OUT!


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Happy New Year Bunni!

I was thinking of a possible campaign to run in the blogosphere this year. Something along the lines of "Persuade a friend to start a blog". Lots of opinionated people still don't know we exist, so let's show them in 2010 :-)

I'm off to look at your Hangover Cure post now. Need to get shot of this one before inflicting the next one on myself :-D

Snarky Basterd said...

The year of the beginning of the end of the Zombiecrats has commenced!

Happy New Year, B!

Abigail Rogers said...

I see that you have England listed as one of your interests! Perhaps you would be interested in following my new blog:

As often as possible I will post pictures from beauty spots all around Great Britain for the viewing pleasure of Anglophiles everywhere!

Teresa said...

Happy New Year Bunni!!

I loved the video of the fireworks around the world. That was neato!

The Glenn Beck video was great also.

Barking Spider said...

It looks pretty good to me, Bunni, job done, I think! ;)

Bunni said...

Thanks Spidey for helping me set up the Echo Commenting!  You're the MAN!

Bunni said...

Spider is such a big help!  He walked me through setting up my new commenting gadget
Check out his super blog

Bunni said...

And I can play around and add smilies, and vids and images and everything!

If you need to set up an profile when you comment, just click on the pic where your icon is,
and click the blogger button, and it will remember you!

innominatus said...

Oooh, new comment feature to start the new year!  I am dancing on the grave of that awful 2009!

Bunni said...

Happy New Year, Innominatus.....You are so right!  What a cool way to start the year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2010, I'm sick of 2009 and grave dancing myself

Bunni said...

Thanks to you Spidey!  Thanks for walking me through the installation, which was VERY easy.
I love this so much more than blogger comment features!  You have started off my

Bunni said...

Hi Ya, Dave!  It is the beginning  of the end for sure!
Happy Prosperous New Year to you too, Snarkey, all the best.

Bunni said...

Hello Soundbite! That is a good idea.  The blogosphere has really awakened!  The sleeping giant will rest no more.  2010 is the year, my friend.   I hope the Hangover cures help.  Being sick on New Year is no fun, I've been there  :-[

Bunni said...

Hello Abby, Thanks for visiting my blog and your great link.
I hope you have a lovely Happy New Year.  Britain is such a beautiful country.

Teresa Rice said...

I hope you have a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year in 2010 Bunni!!

The video of fireworks around the globe was really neato!!

I loved the Glenn Beck video also. 

Bunni said...

Hi Teresa!  Thanks for your wonderful well wishes sweetie!  Right back at cha.  I know your 2010 will be filled with good health, happiness, prosperity, and all of Gods Blessings!  You deserve it.
Take Care.  HAPPY NEW YEAR. O:-)

We will have the Joy!" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

Fuzzy said...

Happy New Year, Fabulous You!! 

You'll have to let me know how you like Echo for comments; I use it as a sort of "guest book"/drive by thing and love it!  But I'm not sure about taking the plunge to put it on my blog.  It looks great, though, I must say, and I do like the threadings (saves typing @ all the time).  Yay you!  :)

Fuzzy said...

Ooh, I'm an avid Anglophile and will have ot check out your page!

Ray N Felitto III said...

Happy New Year Dear and plenty more where that came from...

8-) :-$ >:o

(the first one happiness, the second is prosperity and the last one is handing over the 2nd one to Obama)

Bunni said...

Hi Ray!  Thanks for the smilies!  We won't hand over anything to obummer but this one  >:o
a good whoopin!
Happy New Year to you too!  I hope it's your most prosperous, happy and obummer free!

Bunni said...

Hi Fuzzy!  Yay, to you too!  Happy New Year, and I hope it's your best ever.
I just got the Echo comments today, and so far I LOVE it!  I can reply so much easier
to each fabu person that is nice enough to comment, like yourself, and I can add
things much easier, like pics, websites, video's and smilies  :-P

I would say if you already use echo for the guest book, and it enables you to to the comment too
with that subscription, or even for the extra, go for it. It's $12 a year, which is worth the price already
from blocking the IP of a pesky troll that had been bugging me for months!

Take Care and thanks for your lovely comments.

Bunni said...

It's really pretty!  See, Fuzzy, how easy it is to get to great websites
Like yours
directly in the comments!  8-)

Bunni said...

I am officially troll free with this great comment application!
And, I can post my cute images!  Yipee....I love starting the NEW YEAR off right.

Bunni said...

Click on the Pic to "enbiggen"   ;)

Woodsterman said...

Hop, hop, hoppy New Year Bunni and your new comment board. Fancy stuff at the old Bunni homestead. Cooked rubber frogs are delicious.

Here's a Bunni-frog to help celebrate the New Year.

Bunni said...

What is a bunny frog?  I don't like frogs, not cooked rubber ones either!
Happy New Year, Odie

Fuzzy said...

Yes, I'm getting more and more interested about adding Echo to my page.  One quick Q, is it easy to change the background color?  Or is it even customizable?  I can change my page to match it, I suppose,but I'd rather match Echo to my page.  If that's possible?  I was just looking on Echo's site and couldn't really make heads or tails of it.

Bunni said...

I didn't get that far either, Fuzzy, I just did the express install, and I don't want to go fiddling with it and screw something up...hee hee.

TheBigYin said...

Happy New Year Bunni and all our American friends, keep up the good fight in the name of freedom.

Bunni said...

Hi Big Yin!
Happy New Year to you and yours!  I hope you have a super New Year, and we all
will keep fighting the evil suppressors!  You have a great blog and Everyone who is a
freedom fighter should visit you!  All the Best in 2010 and beyond. 8-)

Snarky Basterd said...

Ah, I see. A comments thingy! Nice addition, B.

Bunni said...

Hiya Snarky!  I know, isn't it cool!  8-)  I'm glad you enabled your icon.
This is my fun new gift to me from me for the New Year!
I am going crazy w/ pics, vids, smileys!  I need all the
amusement I can get tee hee!  Happy 2010, Buddy!

Bunni said...

<span style="">Here is the link to CS's great blog.</span>
<span style="">Also on my Blog-roll to the right ~~~~></span>

Ron Russell said...

Hope you do have a great year. You and the squirrels. Sorry, but everytime I come to your site and see the little guys I'm reminded of my squirrel hunting days--which are over now. My next door neighbor has a pet one, they saved as a baby. He's very friendly , but I'm still afraid to hold him---they will sometimes bite and by god what teeth. I just linked to your site at TOTUS, actually thought I had already done so, but hadn't. Again best of everything in this coming year.

Kid said...

Happy New Year Bunni !

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  Same to you, my friend. I hope this is
a very HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and your family and pets.

Bunni said...

Hi Ron!  Thanks for the well wishes. :*
I hope you have a wonderful New Year Too!
Don't worry, the squirrels forgive you the error of your
ways when you used to hunt their brethren...your neighbor's little one, I would
be careful there!  Thanks for linking me!  I thought I had you liked too, 
NOW I do!  I finally did my blog-roll in ABC order, the way I should have in the first place.
Better late than never...hee hee.  I'm just doing all fun new things for the New Year!
Keep up the great work with your cool blog.....all the Best to you and yours too.

Bunni said...

Everyone, in case you don't know
Ron's great blog is TOTUS.

Subrosa said...

Happy New Year.  I see you're also a reader of Leg Iron so I've popped you on my blog roll.  Must have a gender balance of Scots. :)

Opus #6 said...

Wow, Bunni, fancy new look!  Nice!

Bunni said...

Hi Subrosa, Happy New Year to you, as well.  I've see your great comments around the blogs.  Thanks for the Blog Rolling, I"m putting you on mine as well!  Us Scots gals need to represent!

Bunni said...

Hi Opie!  I'm glad you like, isn't it cool?
I can have all cute pics and vids and smiley's  :*

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