Monday, February 5, 2007

There's Always Next Year

The title says it all! This is the perennial mantra of all long suffering Chicago Sports Fans!
We got soaked and our hopes for the first Superbowl win in 21 years went down the tubes, much like the cute kitty above (Click on the kitty pic)!

This is how we feel at the end of every sports season! Sure, we got a glimmer of what it means to be a real "winner" with the White Sox a few years ago....But, that doesn't quite count for me.
I am a north-sider, born and raised, and thus I root for the Chicago Cubs

The game got off to a rousing start with that first goal within the first minute...they should have declared the game over then! The best part of the game after that was the half-time show.

Prince did a great job, and actually played and sang his own music, in real time! (BTW, Billy Joel sucked! Couldn't they have found anyone better than that washed-up geezer to dishonor our national anthem?) Prince and his band and dancers all managed to stay on their feet, in high heels no less, without slipping, and tripping and falling over like drunken what was Awful Rex's excuse???

It was a thing of beauty to watch his last song Purple Rain, in the falling rain, with the raindrops making glowing patterns on the camera lenses....Prince couldn't have bought staging effects and timing like that! Well, After that great show, the spectacle really went downhill fast!
And, apparently, I'm not the only one who thought Prince's show was spectacular, Prince Rocks.

Well, I won't assign blame as to why we lost, there are many factors, the defense, the offense, the QB, the Rain, the Football Gods, the other team....take your pick! There's plenty of blame to go around!!

At least if we had to loose, I'm glad it was to the Colts. I like their Coach Dungy, and Payton Manning seems like a good guy! Plus, I do enjoy Indiana for their Casino'

Hope springs eternal in the windy city - so once again I'll add to the chorus of disappointed fans, "Wait until Next Year!"


Teresa (Chance's Mom) said...

This is a great blog! You captured the essence of this year's Superbowl nicely! It's rough being a Chicago fan, doesn't it make you miss the days of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippin, Phil Jackson, & the rest of that dynamic Bulls team? Then & only then could we count on not being disappointed!

Ah well, I'm with you as far as the game goes. Prince did great, Rex not so much, & hey I kind of liked the Colts too! Dungy & Manning definitely seem like good guys!

We're keeping our fingers crossed for next year, but until then we're just like that cat you have posted up there!

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for the compliment Teresa. Yes, I sure long for the good old days of MJ and those brilliant Bulls...ahhhh, good times & merry memories.

We're all crossing our fingers for every Chicago team to do something (except the The Hawks had a great score winning goal last night! Have Chancy Boy cross his paws too! Bye, Bunni

Anonymous said...

You're all heart, Bunni. Love you Valentines. They're the cutest twosome. Happy Val Day to you, too. You were born to blog. Thanks for the life-saving cold weather tips.

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm glad you found the cold weather survival skills helpful. It's getting even worse outside, big snowstorm in Chicago today, tonight, and Tues! Then I see the paper today, and 4 kids got killed in a snowy car crash! They should have read my blog and stayed home!

I've been told I was born to shop, but born to blog....that's awesome, thanks! ~ Bunni

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