Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life Goes On

You can't guarantee much in this life.  We never know what the next day will hold for us.

One day you're happily attending to your daily life, the next day you're told that life is going to end for you, WAY sooner than you ever could have imagined.  Well, what can you do about it?  Nothing, that's what, so just learn to deal with it, and attend to all the business that needs to be done.  Life will go on, with or without you.

But, you can be pretty sure that the sun will rise in the morning, somewhere on earth.  And, you can be sure that the circle of life will keep re-creating itself.

A good case in point, the adorable new baby elephant that was born at the Oregon Zoo.

Sweet little baby elephant!  Just as adorable as a tiny kitten.
Here is the Momma, Rose-Tu, bonding with her new calf.  That baby
is hungry, and momma is there to provide.

There wasn't sound on the video's, but oh well, hum a little tune.

Here's some kitties making up for it, they are getting in the mood for Christmas!
Can't believe it will be here in 3 WEEKS!  Start practicing those Carols!

Thanks again to everyone who has written me, commented, and donated to my medical fund!  I wish I had better news to report, but I'm feeling worse every day.
If you've been keeping up with my disquis comments, you'll notice my feet, and legs have been hurting me worse than I could ever describe.  They are red, swollen, and inflamed.  The pain is so bad, I can't even see straight.  It is cellulitis, http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cellulitis/DS00450
(not to be confused with cellulite).  That is what is causing the horrible burning pain in my feet and legs. I can hardly walk at all, and the pain medications do not help this burning nerve pain.  This is why I haven't been online much.  It is too painful to sit, or even lie down. The only bit of relief is in my recliner, keeping off my feet and keeping them elevated.  So, even If I can't write or comment you back, please know I appreciate all of your thoughtful and generous gestures, and you are in my thoughts every day.

So, as if I don't have enough to contend with, the terminal liver cancer, now I have this horrible infection.  I am taking antibiotics, but so far they are not working, after a few days, the doctors will try another type.  All I can do is PRAY for God to take this pain from me.  Please pray for me too.  Even Kittehkins knows something is horribly wrong with me.  She has been jumping into my lap as I lie in the recliner, and she sits there oh so still, as if to comfort me.  If you have cats, you know they NEVER do that.  But, for the last week, my darling little companion is doing just that.  I'm so happy I have her to comfort me in these last months of my life.  And, she is also going to a great home when I'm gone.  My best friend is going to adopt her, so I am happy for that.

Kitteh is waiting for some gifts to be delivered to her.

She said shopping for treats online is WAY easier than trying to fight the hoards of crazed shoppers in the stores.

She is happy when the UPS truck pulls up!

I hope you find something to be happy about today!  I'm sure you will, if you think to yourself "there's always someone worse off than me".  You don't know how lucky you are, when you see what some people have to go though.  So, count your blessings, and Thank God for all his goodness in keeping you healthy, and happy.

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