Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When Nothing Can be Done, Try This! UPDATED!

Sometimes, you get news in life that is so awful, so horrible, and
the worst is when you can do NOTHING about it to change it.  So, in those times, the best
thing to do is just
Hug your teddy bear!

This adorable pooch will melt your heart, especially with his sad little face and those
eyes.  He looks like he knows EXACTLY what is going on, and that's why he's sad.

Tommy's YouTube Channel has lots more cute vids, so check it out by clicking the video.  There is something for everyone there, even squirrels, and his mom looks pretty playing with him in the pool.

He even can do a happy dance!  At least someone is happy!

More cheerfulness (Lord knows I need it)  From the same owner!
A sweet little Kitten!

I hope you are having a nice weekend.  I'm still shell shocked by Tuesday's horrid news that cements America's path on the road to ruin.  That news is almost as bad as what else I learned, but I'll save that for another time.  Prayers are needed all around, for America, and for me!  Kittenkins says Meow's and thanks for being our friend too.

She tried to hug this Teddy, but it was a bit overpowering!  God Bless!

UPDATE  ....   UPDATE:  By now most all my readers know about my Terminal  HCC Cancer fight, thanks to the outstanding Blogging Community through the World. I plan to do a proper post about this, I've been putting it off because it's just to hard and depressing on me.  I want to thank all my generous friends for their love and support, and plan to write more about it in the near future!  I am trying to keep up with all the wonderful comments on all the great Blogs, exceptional people who have written about me, and Led the Charge for the Operation Help Bunni Campaign and the like:

I can't stay on computer long, it hurts a whole bunch, with all the painful symptoms, little by little, I'm trying to comment back, especially on THIS POST!  I finally did so early this morning.  If I did'nt get to visiting or thanking you personally yet, please bear with me!  I appreciate all the Love, Prayers and Support of all kinds.  Your donations, no matter how "small" or Large, mean the world to me.  I am so Grateful for God's Goodness, and the Love you have shown, and the Kindness of Bloggers like Mare Zilla:  She lead the charge, read all the links on her outstanding lst Blog post about me: http://marezilla.com/2012/11/roll-call-amusing-bunni-needs-us-right-now/  Plus, my dear friends ALL on the Blogroll: Barking Spider, Opus, Odie/Woodsterman, Bob Belvedere, Adrienne, MOTUS, Max Farquar, Lawson, Old Rightie, Mind Numbed Robot, Red, Nomindeus, King Shamus, Bob Mack, Teresa, Randy, True News USA, RR and everyone else, just check out my blogroll!  If I left you out on this incomplete list, please don't be mad, my mind is drawing a blank. I couldn't sleep for not thanking you guys for the Love!  I've gotten donations from people I don't even know, world-wide, which is most uplifting.  Some of my real life "friends" haven't even bothered to send me a .50 cent CARD, but you guys come though and are SO generous, it's truly mind boggling and very humbling.  I'm happy you've enjoyed my blog so much over the years.  I plan to keep it up forever, a friend will admin it after I'm gone.  I will be your Guardian Angel of the Blogosphere then, and always your "Bunni Buddy".

I'll write more later, but I had to get this out now.  My life these weeks has been consumed with many doctor appointments and other pressing things.  I need to try and take it easy, for my illness, sitting with my legs elevated.....but that is hard for me to do, especially now, with so much to attend to.  It's hard to walk, sit, lie down, everything with the constant pain, but hopefully the new medications will help that.  Please continue to pray for me, and all sick people, especially terminal ones. It's very true, just like Ditka said "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything".


     Kitteh is wrapped in the Love too!  She adores you.

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I just recently came across this and wanted you to know you are in my prayers.

Use it while you have it!


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