Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magnificent Milestone, 5 YEAR Blogoversary! *Updated

Can you believe it?
Today is my FIVE YEAR
Anniversary of Blogging!

I had to update the post today, with links from my great friends who did posts in my honor.  I am sincerely touched by all the lovely comments everyone is making.  It's very cheering to know I am appreciated and my efforts make people smile.  Thank you one and all!

Time sure flies when you're having fun, making great friends, and providing some comfort for the world with happiness and cuteness!

Since I started Blogging way back in Feb. of 2007, I feel I've joined a great, informed and
genius community of like minded people who are on top of everything going on in the world.  As we know, most of it is bad....which is why I switched up my niche some time back to concentrate on bringing joy and happiness to the internet!

Kitteh is SO HAPPY, She's going to dress up today, and have a party!  I hope she
doesn't celebrate too much, or she'll end up like last time.

partying, for Kittehkins here,
I think.

I told her to stay away from those puppies, they are a bad influence, and want to guzzle champagne all day.

Her kitten friends down the block aren't much better, they want to pound down the beers.

I think she should just
stay in her comfy chair, and
help me celebrate by watching
some videos!

Kittehkins contacted some of her friends and here is what they had to say
about her Meowmy's 5th Anniversary:

                 Oh, you don't speak kitteh?  Allow me to Translate:

"We love Bunni, and we're thrilled she gives the internet a happy forum for
animal lovers everywhere.  Happy Anniversary, Bunnikins. 
We are also ECSTATIC  Bunni adopted Kittehkins!"

I love all my friends and readers.  My bestest blogging buddies I've made over the years mean the world to me.  This is how I feel about you.

I say a prayer that you all will have a great year, and keep blogging and making a difference in the world, in whatever way you can.

I have ordered some pizza for our party today, but somehow, a certain internet meme crashed the party!  He wasn't too happy when he found out, due to super bowl weekend,
the pizza might be a tad slow in delivery.  Those nazi's won't allow

Well, Hitler isn't the most patient guy in the world, so instead of waiting around for the pizza to be delivered, he just wanted to go out to a restaurant for a pizza!
That didn't turn out so well either!

If that guy is gonna show up at my Anniversary Party, he better bring some
GREAT GIFTS!  This is my FAV.

Those Kitteh toys, booze and food just don't buy themselves, you know.

Our dear Friend, Adrienne, did a FANTASTIC post just for me,
in honor of my Blogoversary!  It's so awesome, and I love the
Bunny Party Video she posted.  It's guaranteed to get you in the party mood.
So, VISIT HERE, and have a few beers to celebrate.  Thanks, Adrienne!

Capt'n William (Bill) Teach, the Proprietor of Pirate's Cove, has another great
linkfest for his Sunday Pinup edition, and he linked my special anniversary!
Thanks Cap'tn Bill, much appreciated.

Also, thanks to the lovely Opus, of American Perspective, who just
did a post in my honor. There is an awesome video of a very enterprising Bunny in it, who knows how to get things done.  Beware the Bunni, indeed.
Thanks Opus, You've been a Terrific Friend through the years and a special
light of the internet, as well.

Enjoy your weekend Celebrating!  And, Thanks for being a loyal reader of my amusing musings all these years.  I hope I've cheered you up and lightened

your mood in these trying times.  Cheers!   Love, Bunni & Kitteh

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