Friday, February 25, 2011

Secrets of Foamy the Squirrel's Cult

Finally, a Foamy documentary.  Forget Bigfoot, there have been even better Foamy sightings throughout history.
He has been amassing his minions for his cult.  World domination will soon be his, when he unleashes his
Foamy wrath. (Click the pic for a surprise).

This video is lots of fun.  It starts out with adorable pics
of real, cuddly squirrels.   A smart dog named Roswell takes us through this extraordinary time travel through 100 years.  We see Foamy sightings in all sorts of unlikely places.  Finally, towards the end of the video, there is even some "rule 5" action going on.   I like this video, there is hardly any swearing or those psycho fat women.  Foamy doesn't even screech.  Enjoy.

In case you didn't know before, Squirrel's are geniuses!  They make Maxwell Smart
look stupid.  Read this entertaining story in the Daily Mail Online.
"Mission Impossible rodent make short work of breaking into 'squirrel proof' feeder"

'My husband and I have now given up trying to outwit the squirrel.  'It is very frustrating but you can't deny he's a clever little animal and I admire his tenacity.'  Read more and see the unbelievable photo's Right HERE

Plus, how can we forget This GENIUS Squirrel, Twiggy!
Hat tip to Stopsign who reminded me of the little wonder in her nice comment.

There's nothing a smart squirrel can't do.  Even in winter, they hang around and manage to survive, thrive, and have fun in the snow.  I bet they would have someone drive them around in a little car, if they could find one, like this kitty did.

Sweet ride that cat has.  He is very spoiled, and one cool kitteh.
This little guy is also too cool.  He can snowboard better than I can.
Watch closely, the vid is very short.

What a genius Cat!  I never saw THAT before, did you?

I think that cats, squirrels, and many other animals are WAY smarter than the
clueless politicians we are stuck with
these days!

You know, the ones that would rather sit around and spend all our money on lavish trips and parties every other day, while the rest of the world, and our futures, go up in flames!

I don't have to name any names, but I'll give you a hint who the worse offender is:
It starts with oh, and ends with bummer!

Our kitty friend can read and understand what's going on!  I know you do too!


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