Monday, January 17, 2011

Globes, ~ Visit a Fun Lounge Afterwards

Unless you've been living under that proverbial rock, you must know that last night The Golden Globe Awards were on TV.

I watched the first hour or so, then I had to switch to PBS to catch part 2 of
Downton Abbey, the current Masterpiece Series.  It's Sooooo entertaining with
some racy bits and scandalous story lines thrown in. I will exhibit the utmost restraint on that site and not peek ahead to the story synopsis for parts 3 & 4!
You'd better not peek either!!

Speaking of racy, since you saw "Rule 5" in the title, of course you are expecting sexy women in various states of dress or UNdress!  Well, who am I to disappoint?  The ladies at the Globes last night exhibited their "globes" in a collection of beautiful gowns, and as always, some fashion misses.  I thought the most flattering gowns were worn by Angelina Jolie, and Anne Hathaway.  You can see more and
compare your favorites here.  You can peruse the linked site to see the stars.
I thought Carrie Underwood looked lovely, and Hallie Berry was sexy, when isn't she?  But, she was missing significant parts of her dress!  The lovely ladies were showcasing their assets, with the face-off for Clash of the Cleavage going to January Jones vs. Eva Longoria.  I pick Eva!

The Men looked very dapper too.  Speaking of the men, the Host, Ricky Gervais, was in fine form....very scathing!  I thought he was great, although a little rude in some cases, but hey, that's his game, and he didn't want to be invited back again yet another year, so there you go!   Have a look at some of the funniest bits!  Updated, they pulled the shorter one, so here's an EVEN BETTER compilation!

The celebs were all offended and put out!  Too bad, get real and grow a thicker skin!
The handlers weren't there to drag them away, so they had to sit and listen, like it or not.
You can see more of Ricky's Most Controversial Moments here, courtesy of Jezebel.
It's a booze fueled roast, actually, so what do you expect?  The opening monologue
was the funniest, and set the tone for the show. if you missed it, you can watch the full monologue here.

During this glam and insult fest, they also handed out a few Awards, go figure!
I predicted Colin Firth and Natalie Portman would win.  I'll have to watch a few of the other films at some point too.  Too bad Angie didn't win, so we could see her walk up the steps and grace the stage.  Maybe because the Hollywood Foreign press put The Tourist in the comedy section????  WTF, that was not a comedy!  It was trying to be an adventure, or action flick!

After all that fun, people went off to parties, clutching their golden trophies like commies carry their "Rules for Radicals" books.  If I was invited to the event, I'd ditch all the official after-parties......I'd rather go to this enticing lounge.
Here all the girls dress according to "Rule 5"!

Did you recognize the crooner?  It's Bryan Ferry, of course, lead singer of Roxy Music.
This vid is from his new CD "Olympia", the first in 8 years, and it's really great.
It has that mesmerizing, unmistakable sound particular to one of my fav mood setting bands, Roxy Music.  On this CD Bryan collaborates with many artists, and the resulting
product is top notch and quite enjoyable.    If you want to re-acquaint yourself with the artist, of course Bryan has his very own YouTube Channel.  Lot's of Rule 5 there too, as Kate Moss was the cover girl for "Olympia";  lots of vids of the photo shoot.

Another great song off his latest CD is "Shameless"   It's about Sexy Women, as you'll see below.   More lovelies frolic and writhe in a cool lounge, with a psychedelic twist.

Hoped you enjoyed this interlude.  Wow, I was all over the map with that one, but
once the wheels start to spinning, you never know where they'll go.

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