Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Bunni Joy & Fun, VIDEOS Galore!

It's that time of Year again, so take a break from all the cooking, cleaning, and if you're silly enough to travel and get on a plane...avoiding the tsa gropings and naked scanner death rays to have some fun. I've found great video's that will make you smile. We will see some adorable animals (what other kind of animals do I like?) all dressed up for the season of Turkey Day!

First, lets start with our old pal, Conan. This is still topical for this year....we need cheering up! A mini dose of joy, he had this on his show last year, and it's very cute. If you never saw this you'll be amazed how he got those little tykes to behave.

Here's another offering from a very talented YouTuber. It will make you dance.

Now we have some seasonal fun from my pal, GlambertGirl. She and her talking
kitty friend explain the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Can you believe the first
Thanksgiving was in 1621! A lot of turkeys ago. I wish we had one less turkey 2-day!

I am very thankful I have such sweet friends who enjoy reading my blog. And, especially the great readers and friends who take the time to comment, it means a whole lot to me be appreciated. I hope I can spread a little joy to your corner of the world in these dark and depressing times. I hope you and your families have a wonderful, restful and Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay Away from TURKEYS, unless they are properly stuffed and dressed. ;-)

As an added treat, In keeping with the subject of my last post,
I'm going to have Led Zep say "THANK YOU". This is from their
great concert in Madison Square Garden, 1973 - the height of their awesomeness.



Kid said...

I never watched Conan, but I did see a few minutes of his last show where he got canceled off the Tonight Show, and he spent 1.5 million? on a Bugatti? because "the money was in the budget, and he could spend it on anything" and since he was pissed about being canceled, he was going to waste it.  I thought and still do that he should have used the money to set up a fund to pay for the $250.00 cleft palet operation for every kid who had one from now until say the year 2500.  I'd have had some respect for him then.  Maybe he was funny, I don't know.  Maybe that story wasn't real either..

Anyway, Love the cats and the Led Zep.  Have a great Thanksgiving and weekend !

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, Yes, the vids were all about the animals!
These wealthy people can spend their money on anything they want, and they usually spend it on themselves!  Happy Thanksgiving.

Always On Watch said...

I'm going to make this a truly thankful day and avoid politics like the plague!

Happy Thanksgiving, Bunni.

nominedeus said...

A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you Bunni and all your readers and commenters, have a great day XXX

Bunni said...

Hi AOW!  I'm avoiding the political plague too, most likely every day!  Thanks for visiting, and have a super day! ;)

Hi Nominedeus!  Thanks for the well wishes, and I wish you the same wonderful day!  My comment thingy isn't letting ME reply to comments, so I'm doing it this way.  Thanks for the cute kitteh pic too!  Kittehkins would not like vegan TKS, she loves Turkey!  Gobble, Gobble, Bunni ;)

robot said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bunni!

Amusing Bunni said...

HAPPY Thanksgiving to you too!

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