Sunday, July 4, 2010

Have the Happiest of Independence Days!

Today is our Great Nation's 234th Birthday!  Happy Birthday America.  I hope all my friends have a very wonderful
Holiday.   We can enjoy celebrating America, and asking God to Bless Her once
again.  Many Gave all so that we might be free.  Now, more than ever, we can't take
our Liberty for granted.  We've all seen how fast those liberties can disappear.

Here is a wonderful FireWorks Display.  If you're not going out to brave the
crowds to watch in person somewhere, you can watch this.  Also, PBS is showing
"A Capital Fourth", I enjoy that every year, esp. with our Beautiful Capital
Buildings as a backdrop.  It's especially heart tugging now, with the horror
show we have running things in the White House.  I hope America survives.

Our Feline Friends also celebrate Independence Day!  It's a holiday made for them.

Our Canine Companions also get in the Spirit!

God Bless You, my dear readers and friends.    You all touch my heart and 
make me very Happy and Proud to be an American  and a Patriotic Blogger! 

Let's Take Back America from the treasonist traitors and make our 
Founding Fathers Proud.  God Bless America.



Woodsterman said...

Thanks for all of the entertainment on the 4th of July, and have a happy one yourself. Pen had a big day, so catching some well earned ZZZ's. 8-) :-P

Subrosa said...

I know I'm a bit late, but do hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

The Kid said...

Happy 4th Bunni !

Thanks for providing the daily smiles.  Thanks for being you.  Thanks for the squirrels, the dogs, and the cats.  Thanks for being here.

Worse comes to worse, I figure ai can become a crazy cat lady(guy actually) and shoot anyone who comes to the door.  With a water pistol of course.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July Bunni. Don't ever change.

Christopher said...

Oh beleive me Bunni, you have touched our hearts,well at least mine.

May God Bless you sweetie and have an excellent Independence Day / Weekend!!!!

Indyanhat said...

Hope you have a happy Independance Year, and yesterday was just the start of it Bunni, good luck with getting your country back from the wasters and carpetbagers that have taken it over!

Anonymous said...

Nice videos Bunni.  I hope you had a great 4th.

The Born Again American said...

Thanks Bunni, I can always count on you to put a smile on my face...

King Shamus said...

Happy Birthday, America.

You still rule.

Bunni said...

Hi King Shamus!  Enjoy your day off (hopefully) today.  America Rules!

Bunni said...

Hi BA American.  I'm glad you are smiling.  :-D

Bunni said...

Indy, Thanks for that nice comment.  We need to take back America, and I know
come November we will!  Cheers! 

Bunni said...

HI Opie, You're sweet, you keep ME going!  I hope your weekend was fun and magical.
We will survive this time in history and be all the better!  Love from Chicago xoxo   :-D

Bunni said...

Hi Christopher, what a sweet thing to say, it means alot to me!
God Bless you too!  I'm trying to survive the heatwave and have a bit of fun too. 8-)

Bunni said...

Hello dear guest (who are you...hee hee)  Well, I won't change, cause I'm just me. ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, you're so sweet, I'm glad you like my silly efforts.  My family of naughty squirrels say hello.
God Bless you and your family & pets.  I think I"m well on the way to becoming the crazy squirrel lady.
I need to buy a water pistol to keep them out of the flowers.

Bunni said...

Hi Subrosa, I'm glad you visited.  We are still celebrating out here.
I hope your weekend was fun.

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  Pen is just adorable, you dressed him up so cutely for the holiday!  I'm glad you enjoy my entertainment.  I sure like your too.
I'm happy Pen is resting up after all his Patriotic Duties.  God Bless.

Barking Spider said...

Hope you had a great 4th July, Bunni. :)

Bunni said...

Thanks Spider, it was hot, and noisier than usual around here! :-D

Pierro said...

LOVED the kitty chorus, I am a quiet sort of guy (strong silent type perhaps) but Miles would be a great addition for next years' celebratory take over of the regime, and the saving of our great country.

bonks for a happy week missie bunni
It is a roaster here too, gonna be 101 in northern virginia. We have the a/c on for sure.

stay cool

Bunni said...

Hi Pierro!  I've noticed you are the strong, silent ManCat!  You can council Miles
on how to get the jump on the horrid obummer regime, and we'll be celebrating
next July 4th even more - once the great crappy pantload has been neutered!

I'm glad you guys have AC, it's too hot out here, but I'm trying to survive with fans.
Have a bonky, thirsty tuesday. :-D

FreakSmack said...

<span>Happy Belated Birthday, America!!! I'm only just recovered and catching back up with life.</span>
<span>Hope you had a great holiday, and have a great week bunni.</span>

Bunni said...

Hi Freaksmack.  I hope you weren't ill.  We had a nice holiday, from what I've been reading.
It's TOO FREAKING HOT HERE, I've been feeling crappy with no a/c.  I hope it cools down! 8-)

Reaganite Republican said...

Hope you're having a good week, Bunni!

Bunni said...

Hi James, I'm hanging in there, it's so Darn HOT out here, I think I got heatstroke mild the
other day watering in my yard.  Resting up and watching dvd's!  O:-)

I hope your week is great & you're keeping cool.  8-)

FreakSmack said...

Is a hangover considered an illness?

Bunni said...

Yes, it sure is the WORST illness and the really seveeere ones make you want to go to the hospital.
I hope yours wasn't that bad!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Sorry Bunni. I'm extremely late here. You'll have to write a separate post to tell us all about your Independence Day celebrations in detail. I promise I'll comment on time, this time :-D  

By the way, feel free to come over to my blog for an exclusive communist abuse opportunity  ;)  

Andrew33 said...

You're hot there? We broke our record high today here in S.E Florida. It got up cat swallows pillow stuffing to a whopping 94. Our average is high is a chilly 91! As I said it always hovers at 90 here...but the heat index is 118. I'll trade my massively humid 94 for your 85. Do you want me to mail you another slab of humidity?
By the way, I'm sorry we got your Lebron. Well, not really, but our taxes are so low here, that it makes us very a very attractive place to go for those who make 100million dollars in team pay for and 10 times that in endorsements. By having low taxes, our state will make billions in revenue and tourist $$.

I hope all is well, I'm working on 2 midterm campaigns and helping our local tea party controlled REC (state RNC) try to get Steele out for Palin.

As for the oil spill, don't believe the hype. It's nowhere as as bad as the news is saying. Obama's media blackout along spill zone is being done to hide that fact. I live here, and know far more about it than most do. There was some bad damage in Louisiana, and small amounts of tar are washing up on scattered beaches, but most areas from NW Florida to Louisiana have only scattered affected areas. Hurricane Alex helped disperse much of the spill as well.


banned said...

Hi Bunni, back online after a week getting my comp fixed but at least you lovely site loads quicker now!

I know it's very late but I do hope that you enjoyed your Independence Day.

The Kid said...

Hey Bunni, Hope everything is cool there.

Bunni said...

Hi Everyone, I"ll comment back the latest greetings in a bit.
It was awfully hot again the last few days, but less humid, thank God.

I had lots of errands to do, and then I got together with friends the last few days.
So, I'm very behind on the blogs and even on a new post.  I'll try and find something for today.
I hate posting about all the bad news, you know.....there's never a shortage of that.

Keep Cool Everyone, Luv Ya! O:-)

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