Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sting on Stripclub from Preggo Barkeep

This is a most interesting video.  An enterprising young & pregnant woman captured her horrid boss violating
several of her civil rights and many employment laws.  
WOW,  I wish Illinois was a one party consent state like NY is.  I would have had a freakin' GOLD MINE that would make this exchange look like they were reading the phone book!  There would be major money to be sued for.
              Unfortunately (esp. for ME), Illinois is a 2 party consent state.  Meaning, you can't secretly tape someone without telling them you are taping them!  Bleeech, that defeats the whole purpose, don't you think? DUH.  You could actually get in trouble, and whatever evidence you gathered wouldn't help you.  Another reason why I HATE this bankrupt, corrupt crap hole of a state and crapastic scummy city.  

Although the panel experts are kind of right, they are selling sex at a strip club.
So, it will be interesting to see where this goes and if she actually gets any 
compensation out of this.   That's always a big hurdle, she might have a bit of a battle.

This is from the always interesting Channel of Patriots & Heroes.



andrew33 said...

The trick to getting around that is by telling the person you want to record that you may be recording them, everytime you have a conversation. Say it's for something else besides them you are interested in, and mention it casually in unexpected conversations. Eventually they will blow you off and say something like oh well, who cares, (not believing you are wired) and you got them. You can also tell them that their office is bugged and when they say okay, whatever, you got them that way. another sneakier way is to get a "trunk box" that listens in on peoples cell and protable phones. you can get a good one for about $150. of course, for every listening device there is a detector.

Bunni said...

These are good ideas, AD33, but when it's your employer, it's a little trickier.
I will keep in mind for the next hell hole I end up at (Please GOD, I don't end up at another one).

Woodsterman said...

Most of those places have guys hehind the bar. I look at the girls on stage not the bartender.

Bunni said...

Odie, You are hysterical, that's a cool pic too!  I'm glad it's flipping around. 8-)
You have done your public service message of avoiding over-drinking, look at
the after effects  >:o

FreakSmack said...

No one under 21 admitted

The strip club owner is going to go life starts at conception, sure she can come in and work, but the baby can't as there are no minors allowed in the establishment

You don't want a pregnant woman working at a strip club, it's really bad for business, a man sees a prego he starts thinking of his wife and kids and feeling bad about being there, which means he leaves early, or doesn't come back, both of which cost the club money.

If I had a strip-club, which I wouldn't, I wouldn't want her working for me, but I wouldn't be so dumb as to be honest with her as to why I was firing her.

And finally, strip-clubs in the NYC are owned by a certain family who have a tendency of making people who try and take their money dissapear.

FreakSmack said...

The reason you live in a bankrupt, corrupt crap hole of a state and craptastic scummy city.  

banned said...

I have no recent experience of such venues as none of the local ones are expensive or sleazy enough to be of  interest but that clip joint owner appears to be a fool if, as the lady on the right says toward the end of that vid, the pregnanr lady was still "ringing her register" which I take to mean bringing in the money.

Bunni said...

I haven't been in any either, banned  ;)
The guy was a jerk, and he's gonna get in trouble now.  She was
bringing in the $ apparently, but not enuf for him.

Bunni said...

I Agree with you 100% Freakster!
If I was a guy and owned a club, I wouldn't want
a pregnant gal working there, for precisely the reasons you said.

And, that picture says it all.  Fuckin obummer throwing away all our cash. jerk.

Snarky Basterd said...

Damnit, B. If you only this situation applied to yours, you'd be on easy street.

BTW: Got a vid of my own 4 ya: http://feedyouradhd.blogspot.com/2010/03/this-is-simply-music-best-vid-evah.html

Bunni said...

You bet, SB, I mean really, is this state full of shit or WHAT?
I would have had SO MUCH dirt, it would have been classic,
dateline would have been calling me, I kid you not!  :*
I'll check your post now.  Happy HumpDay!

Barking Spider said...

Her employer is a real charmer, Bunni, what a jerk! :-$

Bunni said...

He is a jerk, that's for sure, Spidey, yet, this guy is a saint compared to the scums I put up
with  >:o  

http://governmentmess.blogspot.com/ said...

This case should be a slam dunk for discrimination against pregnant women every where. She could perform her job well and was let go because of her physical state of appearance which is wrong on many counts. Great piece Bunni! It addresses many wrongs perpetrated by employers all over our country and the sad fact is that they get away with terminating someone because of the way they look to no fault of their own every day. Have a great week Bunni and an even better weekend  :D

Bunni said...

Hi Phil!  I would think it would be, but you never know with the courts these days.
The panel makes some valid aruguments as to why the employer might prevail, but
since she's getting so much publicity now, it could turn out in her favor.

Evil employers get away with MURDER, esp. the big, established instutitional ones
that have been tormenting people since time and immortal.  The average person, no matter now good
their proof, doesn't have the money to go after them.  *sigh* such is the way of this evil world.
Thanks for the kind words, I'm looking forward to a nice rest of week and super weekend.  8-)

Kandibug said...

I guess Jennifer do have the smoking gun. Hey, NY is a one party consent state. Good for her, for taping his ASS. Soon! I guess she'll have enough money to be his Boss.

Jack Ass

Opus #6 said...

That she made good money behind the bar belied the man's argument.  She did great.  Lots of men like preggie women.  They won't admit it, of course....

Anonymous said...


Reaganite Republican said...

Good post, linked today at the Reaganite Republican... enjoy your weekend, I hope things are lining up for you Bun...


Andrew33 said...

Exactly how can a strip bar not be selling sex? It bewilders me that places ban "prostitution" but allow strip bars where people are willing to dance naked for money. Is there anyone out there that honestly thinks that if someone is willing to give a lap dance for money, won't find a place to have sex if the money is right. I don't know about Chicago or New York, but here in Florida strip clubs are and endless cycle of want. The patrons want sex, the girls want drugs and the owners want money. If states are going to allow strip bars, they are wasting time trying ban prostitution and drug use. My corner of Florida used to have strip bars on every corner. Now the strip bars have closed, and "pain" clinics have opened in their place, so the strippers are bypassing the poles and getting their money to spend at the "pain" clinics somewhere else, did I just say strippers? Excuse my insulting language. So, exotic dancers would not resort to selling sex for their drugs! That's as crazy as calling prostitution the world's oldest profession. "Exotic dancers would not resort to prostitution to get their drugs, right? =-O

Fredd said...

Most of the folks on this thread seem to be of the mind that this guy is  flaming jerk (of course he is), and that the pregnant barkeep is going to shake him down good on this one...not so fast.

The facts: the aforementioned jerk told the pregnant women that she is not the hottie he hired, and that the patrons (jerks all) are not coughing up the tips like in the good ol' pre-pregnant days, and accordingly here's your pink slip.  The jerk's lawyer will argue (and you can count on it) that a bonafide occupational qualification (BOQ) of working in a strip club is that you must be female, a certain height, weight, etc., so that male patrons are attracted to your physical (BOQ) characteristics, and that since the pregnant woman no longer possesses these BOQs, this would be grounds for dismissal.  Similar grounds could be used to dump a female strip club barkeep who underwent a sex change; tips started dwindling, the jerk's cash flow and business suffered accordingly, and here's your pink slip.

I wouldn't bet the farm that the jerk gets hammered on this one.  It's fifty-fifty.  It doesn't however, make him any less of a jerk.

Teresa Rice said...

The question as to whether the pregnant woman is a hottie is a matter of opinion.  The better or more relevant question is whether she was still capable of performing her job duties well, and the answer is YES. The Jerk a Chunk boss even admitted that she was doing a good job. The man needs to lose a whole lot of money for his descriminating of this qualified pregnant woman.

Fredd said...

Teresa Rice: I'm with you. I truly am.   BUT (and this is a huge, and I mean YOOGE 'BUT')...I'm just speculating as to the law in this case.  If just you and I were on the jury, the jerk would be toast, and we would award the barkeep a gob of dough.  But that's not how it works.  Teresa, you are not on the jury.  Fredd is not on the jury. Neither of us would make it through the voir dire process of jury selection.  We don't know how the selected jury will react to the presentation of facts by professional liars and manipulators (i.e lawyers).  The question as to whether the pregnant woman is a hottie is the virtual core of the case (and not dismissed by your suggestion that this observation is a mere opinion and thereby irrelevant), and whether or not the jerk hired the barkeep based on her being a hottie: and being a hottie is a highly subjective call.  And furthermore, if being a hottie was the basis for her hire, or as the law calls it, a BONAFIDE OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION, then the hottie is toast, if she gets pregnant, gains a bunch of weight, losers her 'figure' (another subjective, yet substantive qualification), God knows how the jury will react to a well presented defense by a cracker jack sleaseball of an attorney. 

Again, Teresa: I'M WITH YOU.  But I wouldn't bet that the law is in this case.  As crummy as that sounds.

Lemur King said...

Heya Bunni - Gosh, I can make arguments for both positions on the one-party and two-party consent issue.  How about this?  Whichever is most favorable for ME is the one that is permissible in court.  Fair?

Nah, I didn't think so either.

That said, if I were king, the boss would be toast.  Doing a good job is the second to bottom line.  Whether or not you are driving away clientele should be the very bottom line since customers are what makes a biz sink or swim.  But does less tippage equal hurting business?  Don't know.  I would think if she was a dancer it'd be a lot clearer.   You just can't make this stuff up, you know?

I don't "get" law - it never seems to make sense once the lawyers are done mucking about.

TheySay/WeSay said...

It all comes down to what is written in the contract for Hire.
If the contract is written for Models, then weight gain would be a termination relief.

Bunni said...

These are some great points, everyone!  In the end, justice is never served, only who
can present their cases better.

Bunni said...

Great Points, AD33!  I don't know why your other comments aren't showing up.
I'm glad this got thru, keep using the IP you used to get on here.
I can't moderate your latest comments.  This JK is temperamental, I guess >:o

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