Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th, Start Celebrating!

Where does time  go?  It goes by too fast, and it is TOO hot.

Now it's even hotter, and you know that means July 4th is here!

I want to wish all my friends and readers a super 4th,  celebrate USA Independence Day!  I have just the little guy to help get us in the mood.

Watch some fireworks with your friend, get all cozy and cuddle up, like
these two best buddies.

Time goes by so quickly, one day you're tiny, the next you need your own bunk
on the Kitteh Tree!  What adorable BFF's.  I wish I had adopted two kittehs when I got my little darling, would give her a playmate.  Well, she has me, that will
have to do.

Here's a bonus 4th of July video from our friends at Furball Fables.

Nice to see our feline friends are so Patriotic and Love America.
I know they love her more than many humans do, esp. that commie cretin stinking
up our house in DC.  Hopefully this will be the LAST Independence Day we have to
put up with him.  Then America will be back on the road to repair, instead of ruin.

Enjoy your Holiday, everyone, and stay safe w/ firecrackers, esp. if you have pets.

It's SO SO SO hot out here, I'm simply dying with no AC!  At least there's power, unlike some poor people throughout the country that are going through this killer heat with no electricity.  It puts a big damper on the celebrating, that's for sure.  I hope it's not too awful where you live, or you at least have nice air conditioning.

Kittehkins and me will just have to suffer through it, at least she sits in her window ledge to get a breeze, and doesn't seem too scared of the fire crackers, at least last night.
I hope tonight isn't bad either.
HAPPY 4th of July to you and yours.

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