Sunday, April 22, 2012

International Pet Roundup

There has been SO much
hilarity and interesting stuff
going on this week.

I've been VERY busy, as usual, and didn't write about all these items as they happened, but I'm sure if you keep up with the blogs, or Drudge, you've been well informed!

It was Hitler's Birthday, and just in time for that, he has created a NEW RANT!
He found out about the barbarian in chief's love of our doggie pals, and I DON"T mean
in a nice way!  He loves to EAT THEM!

Hitler was NOT AMUSED!

Seriously though, what kind of psycho chows down on our fav friends and then BRAGS about it?  What's next, he's going to admit he eats CATS ?????  Well, the tard just handed the internet another HILARIOUS way to make fun of him, and people have been working overtime.  This post here  at The Hayride SO MANY funny pics and things, you'll enjoy it.  I have a feeling we'll be laughing at this freakshow for a long time!

Here's a Musical Montage that will have you falling off your chair, and singing along.
Real toe tapping fun,   click the link if you dare!  "Dog Eater"

Another cool video I found was in the comments at Motus, in this funny post.  The insightful commentator "Schatzi" linked it.  This talented kitty, Henri, doesn't let much get to him. He is also very smart and suffers the same fate as
I often do "I'm surrounded by Morons".

Perhaps Henri could benefit from some special services.  Our Monty Python pals
could help out, I bet.

That was fun, I hadn't seen in a while!
Kittehkins doesn't need to be confused, she's very smart, and this was
her reaction to this weeks news!

She also swore alot and said if he ever gets near a cat, there will be hell to pay!

She's relaxing now, because it's her ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since I rescued
her and adopted her from the Kitty Shelter!  I can't believe it's one year now,
best year of my life, she gets cuter every day.  I'll protect her from cannibals, too.

She has one more thing to say to that cannibal!

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