Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hi everyone!  Bunni and Kitteh have to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day, please do NOT overdo the libations, or you will feel green around the gills tomorrow ;-)

 Naturally, I must put a few fun animal
videos up for your viewing pleasure.

Our creative and beautiful kitty pals from Furball Fables and created another SUPER video just in time and in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day!  It's the
Leprechaun Cat Rescue!

The Furball Kitties sure know how to find the Gold, I think Kittehkins would like
hanging out with them.  I know I would, for sure!
They and their sweet trainer are also THE NICEST YouTuber's around.
I made a comment on the video, and they replied right back!
          @TheAmusingBunni Hi Bunni & Kittehkins! thank you so much for sharing our video on your blog! That's super!!! big hugs xoxoxo Happy St Patricks Day!! The Furball Kitties!
Besides being cute and creative, they also are gracious and polite!

      Here are more adorable animals are all decked out, in their green finery,
 celebrating the Happy Day dedicated to merriment and fun.

This little tyke has the Spirit!

I hope you celebrated properly, and you feel great tomorrow!
  It's the weekend, and Spring Arrives Tuesday,

 Kitteh says this is as green as she gets, in her jaunty hat!
  Slainte' from Bunnikins & Kittehkins.


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