Saturday, February 11, 2012

Foamy is Back, with Teachers and Bullies, Plus Animals!

Our Ranty little furry friend,
Foamy the Squirrel, is back!

This time, he has a true and
relevant rant about those supposedly important people,

I tend to agree with him on this, having some recent, first hand experience with stupid, ineffectual, lazy, ignorant,
   feeble minded teachers lately.  They just sit there and read from a f-ing Textbook verbatim.... instead of teaching the subject they were supposed to be an "expert" in.
This is a moronic, LAZY, and extremely ineffectual way to teach. IT SUCKS!

 Frankly, I learn more by reading the book myself, instead of some whiney, stupid idiot making countless mistakes by reading the material in the book all WRONG.  You wind up more confused after the so called "teacher" gets through messing up everything.  But, you get what you pay for, and since I'm not paying much, I guess I'll muddle through.

The imbecilic teacher also allows NON STOP talking, disruption, noise, outbursts, eating, phone calls, etc. etc.  So I can relate to Foamy's latest about these lazy cretins doing nothing to stop bullies and disruptive nitwits.  The so called "instructors" don't want to get involved, or exert ANY authority.  But, boy, if you questions their methods, they have a hissy fit.  (I just sit there and keep my mouth shut, BTW...does NO GOOD to Complain AT ALL!) Kittehkins could supervise the class better, and I'd rather have her there 8 hours a day than the idiot I'm stuck with!  She'd probably answer questions better too, and not become defensive when she doesn't know the answer, which is 85% of the time.

Well, nothing can be done, so I'm stuck there and have to live with it.  Luckily I'm smart, and do very well on tests, and enjoy learning on my own, so in a few months, it will all be over and it will be back to the drawing board.  I'll try to hang in there until then.... or, until something better comes along ;-)

In the meantime, listen to Foamy talk about these asinine asshats!

Guess what, it doesn't get any better, even when they're "teaching" supposed "adults".  In fact, it gets worse, they KNOW they can act with impunity.

Was Foamy lurking in my bookbag, spying on my latest trials and tribulations?
It makes me wonder, he has it well and truly sussed out.

Since that was so much fun, and we haven't heard from the Foamster lately,
here's a BONUS VID!  People and Animals!
 I think you know who I would contribute to first!

Once Again, Foamy has it spot on.  I know I'm more broken up when bad things happen to animals than most people!  Animals need our help, people can help themselves, or not, doesn't matter to me!  Who helps me?  No-one, that's who!  Sad but true, and I'm used to it after all these years....... so people, you're on your own.

Even this Kitteh says "NO" NO NO NO!  to bad teachers and stupid people.

I hope you get to say YES to a marvelous day, and hopefully you'll stay away from morons if at all possible.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

hope u had a fabulous weekend girly girl!..xxooo

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