Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a Foamy Christmas! Humbuggers

We are well into the Christmas Season, and in case you are
getting sick from all the sugary
sweetness of the Holiday, I have
a cure for that!

It's our Sweary Friend, Foamy the Squirrel, with a rightous rant about the Holiday!
Little Kittehkins will cover her ears, as I am issuing a Language Alert!
Look at my top side bar pic!  Odie, aka Woodsterman, made us the lovely changing
holiday hats in honor of the Season!  Thanks Odie, Kitteh looks TOO cute by far.

Since you enjoyed that video so much, here is a bonus Foamy Holiday Classic.
He writes a letter to Santa!  Maybe he'll get more than coal this time.

Kittehkins wrote Santa earlier, with my help.  She asked for all homeless cats (and dogs) to find good homes and loving parents like she did!  She is patiently waiting by the window, watching for Santa to deliver his goodies to good little ones everywhere!
She can only be patient for so long though, before trying to throw her hat out the window.

 It's her first Christmas with me, and even though I got her in April, she is the Best Present I could get. She knows she's the ultimate Christmas Elf, in her jaunty hat.  
Well, Foamy was kind of naughty, so lets end our video interlude with something Nice!
Our adorable Kitty Friends from Furball Fables write a letter to Santa and find the true meaning of Christmas!

Kittehkins and I wish for you and your family and pets to have the
 BEST  Christmas Ever!  


WomanHonorThyself said...

woooooooooooooo happy holidays Bunni girl!..xoxoxox

Bob Mack said...

Merry Christmas!

Use it while you have it!


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Can't state any Facts Nowdays!

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