Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun for a Lazy Day

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, where ever you are.  Out here in Bunni land the weather has been HORRIBLE, so I didn't get to go out for walks, errands, or any fun stuff.  Luckily, I did all my food shopping previously.  It's a freaking blizzard out here that isn't fit for man, woman or beast outside.  Even my squirrel buddies are hiding.  I did feed 4 pretty red cardinals I saw hopping around my deck.  I've never seen that many all at once.  I hope the wind didn't blow them out of the trees.  They looked hungry, hunting in the snow for food, so I threw them out some raisin bread.  A while later I saw one eating it.  The rest is all snow covered by now.
Hopefully they will find it later.  I feel bad for our
animal friends who can't be inside a nice warm place in this windy, frigid weather.

Our Kitteh friends have the right idea, stay inside and take it easy.  They should be keeping fit and active, but like our little friend above, some just would rather stay on the couch and watch football or something.  This cute little lump won't exercise, no matter what!  You can lead a horse to water......

The fat cats should get some exercise in, or they will wind up getting stuck!

No matter how long this little tiger exercised, she couldn't make herself small enough to squeeze into the bottle!  Nice try though.

Our Festive Little Friends are practicing for Santa's arrival.  They don't look too happy to be all dolled up, but they could get exercise running away!
Thanks to Barking Spider for sending me these cute kitteh photo's!
 Spidey has a very good post today that will open your eyes as to
the dangers lurking in your wallet!  Have a look and take care.

Stay safe and warm out there, this horrible weather is nothing to sneeze at.
Read about how to protect yourself in the dangerous cold RIGHT HERE!

There are more cute kitties on my right side bar, and if you click them, you can
see some funny pics and captions.  The Kitteh's REALLY don't like dressing up.
But we sure LOVE looking at them and having a smile.


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