Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Foamy the Squirrel, The Handshake

Humpday greetings. Our Favorite furry friend, Foamy the Squirrel, is back.  He is talking about the lost art
of a proper handshake.  I'm happy he posted this video today, as squirrels everywhere, and doggies, kittens, and other animals, will want to be shaking my hand today too.
I'll tell you all why after our video from Foamy.  Language Alert 
(not too bad this time).

I think fist bumps are stupid, you could injure your knuckles.  Plus, who can forget
how the peasant obamalama ding dongs greet each other.  That ruins fist bumping for me, if I was ever inclined to like it.  I would give them a one finger salute, anyway.

I've been awfully hot out here again.  The humidity is horrible.  I haven't been able to be in my office and read my fav blogs and comment as much as I'd like.  It's too oppressive and really wears me out.  Luckily, I stocked up on frozen food, and my nice neighbor gave me a ride to the far away food store yesterday, so I made nice chicken breasts for lunch today. I marinated them over night with tandoori paste, Yum.


I am donating my grand prize to an Animal Shelter in Oregon!

It was most generous of Inno to offer a $20 prize to the winner, but as he points out in his post, months & months ago I had mentioned it would be nice to donate the winning prize....I am prophetic, hee hee.  Thanks Innominatus for all your hard, ongoing work in keeping up with this contest all this time, through all your various creative posts!  If you don't read and follow Inno, please do.

It was a sign of genius to come up with all the tests and essay questions.  You can read the compilation of Contest Posts HERE.

I'm very happy a donation to the Heartland Humane Society in Oregon will be given in my name.  Innominatus is going to bring it
over in person!  I read he got his doggie, Chance the
WonderMutt, there, so that makes it doubly wonderful.
It cheers me up to know we can help some shelter pets in a small way.  Thanks for your contest and hard work, Innominatus! Now, you need to find a trophy I can post on my blog, hee hee.

I found a happy celebration video, The Doggies and
Kittens are smiling and happy, so let's watch & smile along with the little darlings.

I hope your day has been a happy one. 

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