Friday, August 20, 2010

Adorable Animals to Cheer You!

I hope you have survived another work week unscathed, if you're lucky enough to have a job.  It's Friday, and I've been busy with house and yard stuff all week.  It was less humid on Monday through Wed.  Then, yesterday and today, it's back to the horrible hot, humid lazy weather that makes you want to rest your brain and veg out after your chores!  So, I haven't  been commenting much and I haven't posted anything lately.  I've been enthralled with the Blago verdict.  
Watching all the news reports, esp. his lawyers after the verdict, was pure entertainment.  Also, this morning he was in fine form on the Today Show.
You can click on my sidebar and get the latest.  He's going on a media blitz this
weekend, so I'm sure there will be more fun.  I don't feel like writing about the verdict in depth, because I'm tired and lazy to put all the links.  These dog days of summer only leave a person with so much energy, and mine is spent.

So, now I'll post some adorable video's of darling animals to cheer you and make you
go, ahhhhhh!  We all need cutie-pies to take our mind off our worries, so

here are some fun video's!  The first kitteh will try and stay awake to watch the rest.

I know how that little guy feels, I need a nap myself.  First I'll have a massage!

Ahhh, that was SO relaxing, and I feel a little better now.  The Squirrels want some of that action....they give good massages too, when they aren't eating all my trees!

I'm going to be keeping my eye on things, like this little one.  You never know where I"ll pop up!

I hope you have the nicest weekend possible, and relax and have some fun.
I think we'll be getting some storms, which is good because I need it to cool off!

I hope my kitty friend chills out, I know how he feels sometimes.  I have so much
to do, and no patience to do it all.  Just gotta pace myself, hope you do the same.

PS:  The Squirrels in the above video are not mine, and I did not make the video,
I just found it in my searchs.  Every time my squirrels are doing silly stuff,
I grab my camera too late. My squirrels are even crazier, and they are eating the leaves off my trees.  They take big clumps and bring to their nest in my huge evergreen trees.
I am getting mad at them and if I catch them, I throw water on them...hee hee.

UPDATE ~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~  Jamie over at Eye of Polyphemus was kind enough to
link my post in his stellar Blogroll Spotlight LVIII!  Thanks, Jamie, great round-up!


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