Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ways to Keep Your Cool in Heatwaves

Another week has gone by, or is starting, depending on your perspective.  I don't have to tell you guys how HOT it is
throughout America, and even in England.  I've been especially struggling because I don't have air conditioning.    It also makes outdoor chores, like watering all the flowers and plants, more difficult and even dangerous.

I was out too long the other day.  Even though I hydrated, had on sunscreen, and a big hat, and the table umbrella up, and frequent rest breaks.  I noticed later in the day
I was SO tired, and not hungry and lethargic.  I watched some dvd's and relaxed
upstairs, where it's a little breezier with the fans.  The next day I was still very tired and sluggish feeling. Then I saw on the news a report about the effects of prolonged heatwaves, and I think I had symptoms of heat exhaustion.  So, be careful
everyone.  At the time you don't notice the heat creeping up on you. 
You're outside and there's a bit of a breeze.  But, later you'll be feeling tired and you'll know the reason.  I'm still tired today, and it's 8:30 am and already very hot.  I wrote about how to protect yourself in hot weather several years ago. I need to re-read!!
You can read these great tips ~~~~>  RIGHT HERE!

This is how our animal friends at the zoo keep cool!  Just watching these big guys
will cool you off!

Those bears know how to have fun while they keep cool.  Not all bears are
as playful, though.  Be sure to lock your doors, or you might have an
unwelcome visitor.  This could have ended badly.  It's really unbelievable.

One of my silly squirrels tried to sneak into the garage when I had the door open.
They also get very close to the Kitchen screen door.  They are trying to make friends.
This morning, one of them climbed up and dunked his head in my watering can. 
I thought he'd fall in, that would have been funny.  I leave them (and the birds) big bowls of water to cool off, but they want adventures!

Finally, I've saved the best video for last!  You will love the antics of these little
guys and their friends.  

Enjoy the second half of your weekend,  

I hope you stay cool!  I think I'll watch the final World Cup
Match, since it's on ABC.  Yesterday's game was great fun, I am almost
used to the vuvu crap noise. Even though they beat England, I'm glad
Germany Won. What an exciting game.  Today I was rooting for
the Netherlands, but they were such bullies and kicked people, 
so I'm glad Spain eventually Won. 


Reaganite Republican said...

Heh, the ferrets are great, my wife said "what a bunch of supercrazy things!"

lol- stay cool Bunni, and thx for the tips!

Bunni said...

Hi Born Again.  Well, drinking beer on the deck doesn't make one a nut job, I do that fairly often ;)

You did mention the most important part the dr.'s say - when you stop sweating, you're in BIG trouble.
Soaking your head every time you drink a beer will have you looking like a prune if you're not careful!
Have fun and don't get sunburn. 8-)

Bunni said...

Hi RR!  I'm glad you and your wife enjoyed the Ferrets.  They are most entertaining
and very intelligent animals!  I hope it's good weather by you, I'll try and keep cool.

Supi said...

You take care of yourself Bunni. Drink plenty of fluids. We need to invent the electric freezing blanket. lol
The ferrets are so cute. I want one.

Bunni said...

Hi Supi.  I will be sure to drink lots of water, like I did yesterday.  That freezing blanket is a good idea.
Ferrets look like a fun pet, and they are smart.

Christopher said...

Stay safe Bunni!

For whatever reason heat does not effect me but then again I work in quality control which is temp. controlled so maybe after 20+ years I like some heat?

Either way it is GREAT to hear from you! The pic at the top I imagine is you (little Bunni w/fan)

Again, stay safe,drink plenty of water or gatorade.

Bunni said...

Hi Christopher.  That pic is me, trying to keep cool ;)

I'm taking it easy today, parked in front of the TV soon, with some water and other libations.
I hope your Sunday is fun.

Woodsterman said...

You be careful out there, Kid. I know what mean about the heat. It got up to 80 here yesterday, and it's already up to 56 here now.

Speaking of bears in houses ... a neighbor 5 doors away had a bear and two cubs in their house Thursday afternoon. Animal control chased the mother away, but she kept cumming back looking for her cubs that got separated.

That last video plumb tuckered Pen out ... thanks for Pen'n link ... :-P :-P :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Odie, I'll take it easy.  Don't pass out from heatstroke with that big 56 morning now!

That's a cool story about your neighbor....I'm glad the bear didn't wander to your house.  I hope the mama bear and her cubs got reunited.  Pen enjoys a well deserved nap.  You should build him a tunnel like on the video!

Bunni said...

Hi Matt!  It's nice to be missed.  I've only been gone around a week.  Now I'll try and
catch up on my comments.  Have a fun Sunday, my friend.

Kristinmishmash said...

Pen is too cute for words!

Mr.G said...

Another thing to watch out for in the heat, especially if you're prone to kidney stones like me. You must drink plenty of doctor said at least a gallon a day for someone of my size...200 lbs. Nothing worse than that "satbbed in the back, kicked in the jewels, pukey feeling you get when you have an attack. Then it's a $1,000 plus trip to the emergency room for the Morphine/Toredol/Phenegrine cocktail and an infusion of fluids intravenously.

Stay's hot and humid here in S. Carolina.

Regards, Mike

Angel said...

it keeps gettin hotter in NYC Bunni! HOPE YOURE HAVIN A SUPER WEEKEND! :)

innominatus said...

I want a ferret but every time we walk past the ferret display at Petco me wife says "ick!" like it's a rat or something.  Gotta figure out how to change her mind.  Maybe this vid will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

The cat looked huge next to the ferrets!
Stay col Bunni.

Bunni said...

Hi Trestin, the other animals gave a nice size perspective.
I'm trying to cool off, hope your weather isn't too hellish.

Bunni said...

I hope it works, Inno....have her watch it a few times, and show her Pending's Pic.

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, stay cool and maybe I'll send you some rain.  The weekend was fun.
I hope yours was restful and great too.

Bunni said...

Hi Mike, I'm glad you found my blog,  :)  do you have one we can check out?

With the Kidney stone problem, it's important you drink lots of water, it sounds like a very
painful condition I would not like to get.  I hope you don't have to go thru all that ever again.
Thanks for visiting, and take care.

Bunni said...

Hi Kristin!  Just cool showers, no mud.
Today and tomorrow is supposed to be a little better.  THen back to
awful 90's, eeeek.  I might have to haul the window unit out and try to put it in.

I think if you keep working on him, you can get hubby to agree to a ferret, or
just surprise him ;)

banned said...

<span>Pity those bears are American or they could replace some of Englands crappy soccer players. 
The health & safety nuts are going crazy over our supposed 'heatwave hazard', threatening all kinds of  dire consequences >:o  unless we obey their instructions. 
Wow, in one town it reached 31C which is about 87F and that was on the coast so it woul;d cool down in the evening. Meanwhile a friend visiting Cologne, Germany, tells me that it is a constant 36C (96F) and that is not by the seaside yet they survive :) .</span>

Bunni said...

Hi Banned, that's a good one, let's draft the bears for England's team!
Don't listen to the health & safety nutters.  They are stupid.
Out here, it's very, very humid, and if there is no wind, it's bad.
At night it wasn't really cooling down, and I don't have air conditioning.
I hope you survive and don't get ill from the heat.

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