Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Relaxing Oscar Sunday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I was SO busy with my various house projects, I have not been online much at all.  Like many of you lately, I'm finding I need to do vitally important things in my life. As much as I'd like to sit on the computer all day and post and comment, I have
to buckle down & attend to my chores!  This doesn't mean I can't post an adorable video for you to love, though.  I'm off to watch the Oscars and pre-shows now.  I really love
the Oscars, and I hope they are entertaining tonight.  I also hope The Hurt Locker wins
many awards.  Remember when I did my famous Movie Review of it, back when it opened, I predicted it would be a big contender for many Awards, and I've been right!

Here's a video that should win an award for the Cutest Couple that ever cuddled.
Hat Tip to Woodsterman, he sent me this darling video, cause he knew I"d like it.
The puppy in the video reminds me of my dear lost puppy, Lucy.  Another
reason to just adore this little treat to make you smile.

Here is the Second Video, this is even Cuter!  Ahhh, I find it so much happier
to watch cute animals than yet another lying speech by Obummer.

Lucky the Adorable Pup has his very own YouTube Channel,
you can watch more antics right ~~~~~> Here!
Have a cozy and fun night, and an even happier week!



The Kid said...

Here's that Obama supporter Gif.

Lookslike it's working well. !

The Kid said...

Just click on the Obama supporter pic below to bigify it.

PS - All of our cats love Webster.  Absolutely love the guy.  Handsome Howie rubs all over him just before breakfast.

Bunni said...

It looks like a scary movie!  And, very appropo, I wish obummer
and all politicians would jump in first.  ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, looks scary below  :-D
I'm happy Webster and the kitteh's are having such fun.
Enjoy your sunday night.

Barking Spider said...

Too cute, Bunnikins! :)

I just missed you by a few minutes on Facebook tonight - bummer!! :(

The Conservative Lady said...

Adorable videos :) .
Hope all is well.

Christopher said...

Well Bunni I have never watched them and continue ro hold myself to that which I call honesty and once again not care.

Christopher said...

OH MY GOD! That depicts it perfectly!

Christopher said...

Adding,,,only if they would,,,,,?

Opus #6 said...

Great vids.  I love the doggie/kitty friendship.  Works best when the cat is full grown and the dog starts out as a little puppy.  Best friends for life.

labcat said...

i'm so glad sandra bullock won! i haven't seen hurt locker yet and was blown away that avatar didn't win best picture. good show. cute vids :)

Woodsterman said...

Thanks for the hat tip kid. That second one is great too. There is a whole channel out there with this ? You hit a gold mine, huh ? :-P

Snarky Basterd said...

I didn't watch the Oscars. I dislike hear those blowhards speak almost as much as I dislike hearing politicians speak. But I'm glad The Hurt Locker did so well.

Bunni said...

I'm bummed I missed you last nite too, Spideykins  ;)
We'll have to catch each other later!  It sounds like you had a fun
and wonderful weekend, Like I did!, Yipee!  8-)

Matt said...

Good to see you posting Bunni.  Hope all of the chores are done.  Gotta be honest, I haven't watched the Oscars in over ten years.  I've boycotted hollywierd as much as I can. 

Angel said...

hey Bunni girl!..ltns! Oscars for me either this yr..I heard they weren't too excitin anyhoo....but I did see The Hurt Locker so I'm a tad with ;)

Fausty said...

Such heart-warming videos, Bunni!

Do hurry back to your computer - I'd miss your postings!

banned said...

Super vids Bunni, always liked dogs and not allergic to them :-D .
I 'found' my first copy of Hurt Locker in march last year but its just a crappy 700mb version and I'll be buying the DVD shortly through Amazon (after  the hype and price have dropped a bit coz I'm stingy like that :-$   ;) .

Bunni said...

Hi Everyone!  I'm very late getting out of the house today, I can't stay in like yesterday, and miss
going to the post office!  I'll try and post comments when I return.

I have SO MANY chores, all over the house, and basement, and garage, and yard...this will be a
ongoing process.  I wish lots of you lived near me, so you could partake of my nice Clothes and nick nacks
I want to donate, or at least box away, to keep organized in case I decide to move in the future (sooner rather than later).  Have a blessed week!  8-)

Bunni said...

So Am I, Odie, but in a good way ;)

Ron Russell said...

Great videos Bunni! I love dogs, had them as far back as I can remember. Took "Professor" to the groomer earlier today.  He's a little Shih tzu about 11 years old now. Needless to say he's spoiled rotten!

MNRobot said...

Hi Bunni! Thanks for the blogroll add. I added you to mine too. Love your style. Keep on keepin on, as my hippie friends used to say. Cheers! MNR aka LHC ;)

FreakSmack said...

I guess I going to have to watch The Hurt Locker, I honestly never heard of it before Sunday, but from reading your review and watching the preview on the post it looks kind of cool.

I hope you're doing well, and kicking ass on your projects!

FreakSmack said...

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will!

Angel said...

just chedkin in girly..(hugs) :)

Bunni said...

Hi Freaksmack!  You'll like Hurt Locker, I think I"ll rent at the redbox and watch
at home, it's been a while, you'll like it.

I am accomplishing stuff each day, it cheers a person up to make progress on things.

Bobby, I hate to break it to him, but he would make a bunny turn into a hermit.  He'll
have to find another friend  =-O

Bunni said...

It made me laugh a whole lot.  And made me think
his office needs organizing, much like mine.  I'm
still working on the Kitchen. 8-)

Bunni said...

<p>Hi Angel, I just went online after two days off the computer.
</p><p>Wow, now I'm way behind on visiting all my friends!  I'm doing
</p><p>super, it's rainy out today.
</p><p>((((Huggs ))))) right back at cha!

Bunni said...


Bunni said...

Hi Mind Numbed!  I'm Glad you enjoy my blog.  Yours is very cool too.
I am keeping on.  Hippie Dippie... haa haa, enjoy the coming weekend.  8-)

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