Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fox News "Let's Talk About Climategate"

It gets better every day, Folks!
The Fox News Video says it all, Must Watch!  It's only 2 1/2 minutes,
but packs ALOT of info & background "Al Gore Should Give Up His Oscar!"

Read more about it in the LA Times.
James Delingpole's Latest is a wonderful read too:
Climategate goes uber-viral, Gore flees, leaving evil henchmen 
to defend crumbling citadel (how's THAT for a Headline!)

And, 'cause 'tis the Season, how about a funny video?


cathysue said...

that is a good vid. at least if they don't rescind the award, maybe they'll stop showing it in high schools. ridiculous

The Born Again American said...

Didn't Houston have the earliest recorded snowfall on record yesterday? Damn this global warming... If Al Gore, Jeffrey Immelt/Government Electric and a host of others didn't stand to gain billions, one might be more sympathetic to their cause... This entire global warming, OMG I mean climate change scam is nothing more than redistribution of wealth on a global scale...

Snarky Basterd said...

All of the made-made AGW bozos just need to go pitch a tent at the North Pole for a year so they can freeze their mouths shut and their fingers off so we'll never have to hear or read about this stupid issue again.

Kid said...

Bunni, I hope we pound that fat basturd into the ground.

Snarky, they'd probably be eaten by the ever increasing Polar Bear population. Which wouldn't be all bad, and in fact, would display an ironic but beautiful 'up yours courtesy of Mother Nature' kind of flavor, accented with wild cherry and walnut of course.

Hunting permits for Polar Bear have not decreased in 30 years according to the guy who determines the number.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Labcat! They should stop showing it in schools for sure, and even if they don't rescind it, al bore should be prosecuted for fraud, jailed, and have all his ill gotten gains returned to the treasury! We might get some tax relief then (I know this will not happen, but I can dream).

Hi Born Again American: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Funny how global "warming" is producing the earliest snowfalls and coldest temps the last few years. I knew this was a a scam from the beginning too.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Dave! That sounds like a wonderful idea. They should also find a pole and lick it, like the little kind in that Christmas Movie. That would shut them up too.

Hi Kid! I love that idea too. Nature will take care of herself! If we sent every lying jerk and politician who profited from this crap religion. And the bums bringing us the ensuing higher taxes, plus destruction of our once wonderful way of life, and stranded them on the north pole, the bears could eat well for quite a the wolves could too! I'm all for saving wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Bunni ... c'mon ... Ocars (as irrelevant as they are) are given for acting performances. Doesn't Gore qualify? I mean, what with global warming being a huge bunch of theatrical BS and all?

Barking Spider said...

I'm not at all theatrical, RWL! :)

Hi, Bunni, good post, just had to grab a copy of the kitty pic!

Sky News and the bloody BBC are giving us wall-to-wall Gordon Brown AGW total bollocks at the moment and we've had loads of idiots dressed in blue in various cities "protesting for climate change"! WTF?

God help us, these green/blue morons can't even speak fucking English....not properly anyway!

banned said...

Bunni, I found this Amazon review of Gores new bok, presumably your very own ?
"I wouldn't use this book to line my cats litter box, if it was free!
He is a liar, a fraud, and has been exposed thru the revelations of
ClimateGate! He stands to make BILLIONS if his scam science gets
advanced any further at the Copenhagen Summit. He has
cancelled his appearance there, because he knows people are
waking up to his crimes. Save your money and don't give this
lying huckster criminal any more money."

I rated it, naturally, well done !

Opus #6 said...

Bunni, I hope your weekend is treating you well. Do you really have 3 days off? Great! I hope you get an extra amount of R and R.

Amusing Bunni said...

RWL: No Gore the whore doesn't qualify, because this was billed as a "documentary" and was supposedly truthful! It's a lie, so he won under false pretenses.
He should have to give them back and be beaten with them first...hee heee. That would be quite inconvenient for him, I'd imagine.

Hi Spidey! I'm glad you liked the kitty. Those LOL Cats are great. What a bunch of wacko's. Whenever the jerks agenda's get messed up, they double their efforts to shove their crazy agenda's down our throats. I'll have to look later for vids and pics of these psychotic smerfs and grinches! (That's what came to mind when you said they are blue & green)

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Banned!
You are quite the detective, that was me!
Yesterday Fausty posted a link in the comments about doing a review, and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to diss the bum! Thanks for the Rating!

I just got on Amazon not too long ago, and I did a practice review on a cute toy I bought at the store for 1/2 price...hee hee. I like Amazon because of the reviews, they are helpful when considering electronics, and I like to read reviews of CD's and Movies! You'll have to send me your secret name so I can read some of your reviews.

Hi Opie! Thanks for the Kind words. Yes, the ONLY good thing about that torture chamber is that I negotiated to have Friday's off, cause my pay is so f-ing low. Thankfully, I do have 3 days every weekend...but it's still not enough. I need 6 days off a week to tolerate all that abuse! Hope you have a super fun weekend too!

Teresa said...

I know in England when Al Gore's video is shown they must give a warning that certain items in might not be truth. And, that was prior to the emails. High schools should not be allowed to show this movie since its whole premise is based on a farce. I hope they do rescind his award.

Jim McMahon said...

Al should not only lose his Oscar, he should have the Nobel prize taken away, forced to return the 700 million dollars he stole with this fraud, and spend the rest of his life in prison with the other scam artist, Bernie Madoff.

They could hang a sign on their cell "Madoff & Jaggoff" and try to scam the the other inmates out of their cigarettes and KY Jelly.

Anonymous said...

Bunni, you KNOW I was bein' tongue-in-cheek!!! They oughtta take the thing from him and whack him in the head before throwing him out!!!

I know these guys (Gore and his boyfriends) are really scrambling. They must know by now this climategate stuff ain't going away!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Al to come out point a finger at the screen and just say "gotcha" have a good chuckle, and claim this was all to pay homage to Orson Welles, and that he can't believe it took us all so long to get it.

Snarky Basterd said...

Well, Bunni. That book review was spot on!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

"ClimateGate ??? what are they talking about" ... he who lives in a cave asks.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa! In this case the UK Gov't has shown a bit of sense. This movie should be classified as si-fi fantasy.

Hi Jimmy! That is a FUNNY comment! I agree with you 100% Someone with Mad Photoshop skills should get on that pic ASAP!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi R-W L: I know you were Kidding, I just had to weigh in....just in case other people didn't know!
Gore and the other smurfs are working overtime to try and spin this...but it's NOT going away.

Freakster: I never thought of that! What an excellent point. Except Orson wasn't a criminal stealing Billions of Dollars! You have the most insightful comments.

Hi Snarky! Thank you sir, it's the truth...PS I Don't have a cat....but if I did, you get the idea.

Odie! You have some catching up do to, since you've been so busy in your cave lately! Luckily you've found the right place!
PS: Thanks for the tip, I will update things or do a new post. After all the crap lately, I feel a cute animal post coming on.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but a bunch of retarded, wet behind the ears, jump on the twatting bandwagon, Labour luvvy, fucknuts.

That is all.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi G.O.T. That about sums it up in a NUT shell!

Use it while you have it!


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