Friday, September 25, 2009

Most Adorable Animals Ever

Hi My Friends! I was reading the News and the Blogs and I too, have decided the News today was just to awful to contemplate! All one has to do is look at Drudge Report and you'll want to go hide in your secret bunker.

Before you do that, Look at this adorable Video! It really will warm your heart.

If these Sweet Animals can be friends, why can't nations get along?
I'll leave that question to the philosophers. I just wanted to give my readers a big
smile & a break from the trials & tribulations of the day. 
At least If we get nuked in our sleep tonight, we'll be happy.


innominatus said...

Cool. I have two dogs right now - no kittehs, but I grew up with both. And a couple rabbits. And 3 chickens for a while when I was really little. They all got along good. I don't know where the cat/dog conflict supposedly comes from. Seems like a myth.

Red said...

I always knew there was a secret squirrel training facility!

Thanks for stopping in at Corndog :-D

Kid said...

Good Stuff Bunni.
My wife and I fostered orphan kittens and pregnant cats for a couple years. At one time we had 31 kittens in the house. 5 in this bdrm, 8 in that one, 5 more in a cage over here....
Feeding them was an assembly line process.
Pick one up, rub its lower belly to help it go to the potty, clean it up, put a bottle in it's mouth..
You can't keep track, so you pick them up from one container and put them in a 2nd after they've been 'processed'.
We have a 100 lb black Lab(We're not racist) who loved being part of the process.
Sometimes one of the twinkies with feet would manage to climb out of the box it was in and the lab would stare at it and whine "he's getting away, he's getting away!"

Once we had a couple kittens upstairs in a small cage, but the bars were just far enough apart that the kittens could squeeze out.

I was at work, my wife was downstairs in 'the office' on the computer, and one of the kittens squeezed out. Buddy the lab picked it up in his mouth and took it downstairs to my wife. Of course it got Slimed in the process. lol.

It was work, sometimes it was heartbreaking, but it was also tons of fun. We saw a lot of species inter-relating. Dogs, cats, birds, mice....
It's usually a case where one of them is awfully young as your video illustrates. If we could all stay kids there'd be no problem.

Barking Spider said...

Just what I needed there, Bunni, to wind down after a day on the blogs. I absolutely adore cats and have rescued a couple of really great ones from the London streets and taken them home - one had just been left to fend for himself when his owners upped and moved and the other was a 6 week old kitten just dumped and left to die. I do like dogs too but I'm very much a cat person.

Matt said...

Nice one Bunni!

Opus #6 said...

Bunni, I second the motion with Odie. He is the master blog remodeler. Thanks again, Odie for fixing my blog up so nicely.

Great animal vid. I had a dog and cat get along like that once. It was so sweet.

I pray for no nukes.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

There seems to be a pattern developing here ... Odie only helps the pretty ladies. And glad to do it.

Great video Bunni ... it was the first stop on the blog trail this morning. It should brighten my whole day.

blackandgoldfan said...

BOF: The new look is great! I don't have cats, but I can honestly say that I gotta smile every time I see kitten pics! Thanks hon!

Andrew33 said...

I have a pic of Kee and Juice who are both feline, but 2 different species. They get along great. Juice will not have much longer to live, leaving me with the dilemma of should I get another kitten to keep Kee occupied when Juice dies. Juice does really well with that now. When Kee gets bored, really bad messes pop up.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I'm nicking it Bunni! Great find.

Teresa said...

The cats and dogs were so cute!!! Thanks for the break from this nightmare we're living in. I love your new blog layout and signage. You and Woodsterman did an excellent job!!

BTW- I'm thinking of changing my layout-I need something different.

Andrew33 said...

In my brief wildlife training, I learned that most wildlife can interact as long as the different animals are introduced properly. Gradual intoductions starting with smells then sight then hearing then time together and over a period of a few months gradually increasing time together. Letting both animals having separate rooms to sleep in with privacy helps too. Like I said my cats are 2 different species and with a very gradual introduction, a predator/dinner relationship is a friendly one.

WomanHonorThyself said...

awwwwwwwwwwww Bunni!..thanks for cheering us all up!

Amusing Bunni said...

Happy Sunday, everyone! You all are just the best blogging friends ever. I appreciate all your wonderful comments and stories about your pet adventures.

I'm running late now and have to get out of the house, I"ll comment you each back on here later....just wanted to let you know how much I loved all your stories and comments! God Bless you all, and all your pets. They are lucky to have such wonderful parents.

The Conservative Lady said...

This video made me smile. The animals are adorable and have more brains than a lot of politicians in DC.
Thanks for posting.

The blog looks great!

Amusing Bunni said...

All my dear pals! I've visited and commented each of you over at your personal blogs. I enjoy reading all your words of wisdom and entertainment.

I am so far behind that instead of commenting each of you individually now on this page, I'll just say a few words to you. I am very impressed and touched that you all are such wonderful animal lovers, like me.

Each of your Stories have really made an impression on me. How you go out of your way to care for homeless or lost animals, selflessly doing whatever it takes to care for them. It's just so refreshing to read there are caring people in the world.

Kid, your story was such a delight, I hope you do a blog post about it someday soon. Innominatus, I'm happy you have a few doggies now, is your icon photo one of them?

Spidey, you are a true saint to save the homeless kitties. I rescued a homeless doggie in the alley once, and she was wonderful for about 3 years, then she got sick.
Black & Gold Fan: I love the stories you tell about your doggies, they are cute too.
Andrew: Kee and your other kitty are treasures. They are lucky to have such a knowledgeable owner.

God bless you all for your caring of God's best creatures. It was fun reading your comments.
It's nice to take a break from the political stuff.
I'm so sick of obama destroying America, I can't take much more - so we need a break!

Kid said...

Hi Bunni. Agree, Agree and Agree.

Coming up, but it's gonna take some time and my dance card is full.

But I do have some good stuff.

Use it while you have it!


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