Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lovely Flowers to Calm You

My Good Friend sent me a very beautiful Powerpoint presentation & I was messing around with my computer and converted it into a movie! Not too bad for my first attempt. I've got to take some IMovie classes one of these days.

While you watch the lovely flower gardens, read the sayings on the top of each picture.

The Happy Yellow Daisies above are from my garden, I took the photo. They grow to be four feet high & flank a walkway along my garage. When I walk by, I feel like I"m in a lush meadow, not this crappy, murderous city! People getting mugged & knifed in the middle of downtown during lunch hour. At least the Police killed the perp, one less low life on the streets....Ooophs, we're supposed to focus on happy things, sorry.

So then, here's little something to calm us down after the awful week we've been having with even more assaults on our Liberties and Freedoms. There is only so much bad news a Bunni can stand, so now it's time to sit back and smile

There, that's better.......Now, You MUST go directly to the link below! I have an update on my post several weeks ago of "Opie" the No Treat's from Obama Doggie! His Mom wrote me a message about him, & my update also shows the link of most popular video's on Glenn Beck, who picked him up! This is happy news & a very nice note from his wonderful Owner. She & her family are God Fearing Patriots who are thrilled by Opies Fame!

Enjoy, and a very happy start to the weekend, ~ Bunni


j summett said...

You did a wonderful job!! The flowers are beautiful, and the sayings made me smile. There really is nothing more peaceful than when a child falls asleep in your arms. Rocking my children to sleep ...those are some of my best memories. It was always SO peaceful and relaxing that I would almost always end up dozing with them!

Timeshare Jake said...

Congrats on converting it. Do you think you could come over and show my mom how do make a movie and burn it to DVD? She doesn't listen to me when I go over it:)

Anonymous said...


Yeahhhhh, almost. For like, a second.

-Signed Angry RW Extremist: Nunya Bidness

Snarky Basterd said...

I have that many azaleas in my front and back yard (they're our state flower).

That said, though I congratulate you on having far more movie making powers than I, could you at least make your next movie about something we can smoke...that Obugger hasn't rolled a number with yet?

Yeah...I know...that's an impossible request.

Snarky Basterd said...

Damn Nunya Bidness is everywhere tonight. She even Tweeted me DM. Good thing I know she's on our side.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great job. The flowers are beautiful.
The line about life being like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes. HA, that was a good one.

Soloman said...

Alright.. I admit, you got me. Calmed me down and made me relax. I worked backwards, though.. watched your movie first, then clicked the links.

All riled up again!! :)

Nice post!

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks for that, bunni! I'm ready to go back to bed now! :-)

Blackandgold hugs!!!

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm so happy you all enjoyed this!
I'll comment each of you laters, but I've been playing around online w/my various sites for HOURS!

Where does the time go, I must leave the house and get some lunch and errands or I'll be on here until 6 pm and the entire day will be gone!
Love to you all! ~ Bunni

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi JS: Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you got to make happy memories! When I had my puppies, I would like to cuddle them to sleep too.

Hi Clay! I'd be happy to help your mom to make movies and burn them. It's not that hard, actually.

Hi Nunya, I know it's a nightmare what is going on, worse and worse every day, and I've been saying that since Jan. 1st! Well, at least you were able to relax
for a second or two! Take care, buddy.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Dr Dave! I love Azalea's. They don't grow in my yard because the soil is too sandy!
Hey, If I had something good to video that I could also smoke, I'd be very happy indeed. Of course I'd smoke it first, before the spies and gestapo of obummer's czar brigade got ahold of it.

Our Patriotic Pal, Nunya Bidness is such a good Patriot, I'm glad she visited, and I'm sure glad she's on our side! She is also a youtube star, did you see?

Amusing Bunni said...

Hello C. Lady! Yes, that was a great slide, I almost forgot that quote, it is so very true.

Hi Solomon! I should have put a warning, click the links, THEN watch the video. God knows I almost had a stroke when I read Drudge today, it just gets worse by the MINUTE now, doesn't! Thanks for the kudo's.

Black & Gold BOF, I'm glad you're up and about, and also Happy to be of service to calm you down. I hope you keep the phone unplugged and rest up!
Luv ya, Bunni

Anonymous said...

Georgia O'keefe would be jealous.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks Bunni, I'm going to use the one about keeping your words soft and gentle today. Opie's a hoot too. He just might have to be at "Woodsterman".

Teresa said...

Hello Bunni!! Great JOb!!! That was both very relaxing and soothing music and movie. The flowers were pretty also. I really need to learn how to convert pics to video. Have a great weekend!!:)

Amusing Bunni said...

Hey Bats! I believe she would, these flowers are SO MUCH better than some of the scary stuff she drew.

Hey Odie, I'd say "Opie" is a natural for your blog, do the linkage of my update, where his mom tells the story of how the video and the fame reaction came to be:

Hi Teresa: I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Have a fun and relaxing weekend too. God Bless.

Andrew33 said...

Hello Bunni. It's been a while but I am back to doing my rounds on the blogs again. Looks like you are having fun with the toys on your new Mac. being able to do things like that is something I have taken for granted for far too long. Then again with the meds I have given for my knee, being relaxed is not an issue. I hope all is as good as it can be given pResident Odrama and his Czars want to take away our internet now..

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Andrew33:
I'm glad you're knee is feeling better and you around visiting the blogs. The Mac is very wonderful, as you know. And, I'm doing ok, as well as to be expected, like you say, with obugger taking over everything. He better keep his hoofs off our internet, or he'll really see an uprising! Take care & rest up for 9/12.

RightKlik said...

This is just the therapy we need for this crazy week.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi RightKlik: Great to see you! Yes, can you believe the daily dirt bubbling up from the DC cesspool, it just gets worse and worse. They are trying to bombard us with SO much stuff, we'll never keep they think!

Jim McMahon said...

Anyone going to the Tea Party meeting on the southside tomorrow afternoon?

WomanHonorThyself said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I need the calming girly!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Jim: I'm not going, but I bet many good Patriotic people will, let us know how it goes, get VIDEO!

Hey Angel Girlie, Yes, I know we all need calming these days, every day is WORSE than the last, so I'm trying to help out in this area! Happy Sunday.

silence dogood said...

Nice vid! It really relaxed me after getting all riled watching a Glenn Beck episode. Charge the hill! Only 20% of this country fought for freedom in the American Revolution. Do you belong to the 20%?

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Silence D;
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy it relaxed you after Glenn...he has a way of heating up the Patriots!
You bet I'm part of the 20%. We must fight to keep our freedoms before they are ALL removed by this evil, fascist administration. Take Care, Patriot.

Andrew33 said...

Using my I phone, I can really see how utilizing your Mac has improved your blog on both content and fun factor(from a creative perspective). I'm glad you are obviously taking advantage of the creative tools now at your disposal. I'm glad you trusted me on choosing a Mac. For someone who is unfamiliar with Apple products, it takes a great leap of faith to jump from a pc that you have been used to to go to a totally unfamiliar format. As I told you when you got it, I'm available for advice if needed. Your silence in that area tells me that you already appreciate it's ease of use. I think your experiences in changing formats both good and bad would make good blog material for a post. I have been gradually sharing my I phone experiences over on KOOK's blog but the I phone is basically a "mini" MAC Mini and I am already very familiar with the operating system as have used macs for a decade now. I have a feeling that if we are still using computers a decade from now, you will still be using Apple computers, as will I. By the way, do your fellow bloggers know that I am an unabashed Apple fan? If not, maybe the I mac, 2 iPods and my new iPhone that I am using to comment here will give that away.

Andrew33 said...

I have found that attending tea parties, spending time seeing how many red blooded Americans there are is a relaxing experience, not in itself but after I leave and look back on it, I know that we will prevail and my just being there, engaging the other side in friendly debate just as we do on the blog will contribute to our victory. That is why Obama can't get a bill passed despite overwhelming majorities in both houses. The thing is if WE don't participate, WE lose our chance to bring about REAL changes in the fabric of our society.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Andrew:
Yes, I am very, very happy you told me about the Mac Mini. I had been so sick of the Microsoft op systems, which I had used for over 10 years. I trusted your advice because you are a smart guy and having used Apple products for over 10 years, you should know all about them. I also did the research on websites and they all had good feedback, so it was the obvious, intelligent choice. I would advise anyone in the market for a new computer to get an Apple!

Thanks for your offer of help, I'm waiting for the new Snow Leopard OS, and then I'll really delve into all the applications. Thanks for your input and have a great night!

Andrew33 said...

Congrats on becoming a contributor on CBC. They have reposted Kook's as well as Left Coast Rebel's materials as well as many other bloggers I chat with. Kook linked them to our blog after they reposted his material. I am not a member. Best of luck contributing for them.

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks a whole lot for your support, AD33.

Andrew33 said...

That last comment was spot on. I'm glad you are enjoying all your new toys. I guess by now you have figured out that most of what is said in those funny commercials with the fat PC guy and the Mac guy are quite true. However, PCs do have their place and for some people they are good, but for what both you and I want to do which is related to creating good web and blog content, Macs are far easier to use. I know you can't overclock a Mac's processor but how many people do?
On Bunni's new computer, DVD burning is as easy as hitting a key. There are multiple options as to how to go about DVD burning, some are super easy, others give you more options as to how you want it done, what format, resolutions and sound quality you want.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I stole it !

Amusing Bunni said...

Odie! You and Opie are a great pair of Patriots.

AD33: Good ideas on there, we'll think of more for you.

Andrew33 said...

While you think of ideas, would you help me move a cone? see my blog.

Emma Hill said...

Thanks a whole lot for your support, AD33.

Use it while you have it!


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