Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, You know what's Scary?????

Happy Halloween, Fellow Citizens:

You know what's really SCARY???

The prospect of Mr. BHO becoming

the next President! Please, don't let that happen,

let's let the "one" know that his plans to buy this

election didn't work!

He can't even think for himself, and will say

WHATEVER it takes to get elected.

Just Ask "the lst black president: Bubba (Bill C.)

Well, As you can see, the above Doggie has more sense than all you people who vote for that socialist! But, you won't listen to the Bunni, so don't blame me and start crying when
he doesn't walk on water and give you all $10,000.


Anonymous said...

It's really getting pathetic what that bum will stoop to!

I hope everyone gives him a BIG surprise so that rally in your town will turn into a MAJOR WAKE!
(I hope you don't get rioting though, when he looses)

Happy Halloween, Bunni

Amusing Bunni said...

Well, this is really one time I HATE to say "I TOLD YOU SO"!
(I've been saying that alot lately).

It's even WORSE than I could have EVER IMAGINED, and getting WORSE BY THE make that HOUR!

GOD help us all! Patriots, please take back our Great Country!

Use it while you have it!


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Can't state any Facts Nowdays!

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