Thursday, March 15, 2007

I've been M.I.A.

Hi All!

I have really been Missing in Action for the last month! Wow, I didn't mean to stay away from my lovely blog for so long.....but I have a VERY good reason!

Actually, I feel so bad I haven't been online in ages, at all!
My Myspace pals think I've dropped from the face of the earth,

I'm SO darn exhausted. But, I wanted to let you know how my latest project is going. I decided to remodel my living room! Doing repairs, construction and painting and new wall-2-wall carpeting.

It has been quite a busy few weeks. I went with the contractor/painter to 4 different building/paint stores....we got lots of stuff. Besides a nice eggshell bright white, and semi-gloss doors and trim. I had to have a new basement door, new baseboards all around, new heating ducts, new electrical outlets, fixing entry door mail slot, patching walls, new door installed, removing/hiding humidified controls! Also, painting the hallway and doors.
3 coats of paint, all said & done. It's amazing what a lovely, bright & clean new painting will do for one's outlook on life!

And, I'm so picky about this stuff, I had to supervise everything, so there wouldn't be drips and such. When a drip was forming, I'd point it out & he'd smooth it out. I know I must have been a big pain, but if it doesn't look good, what can you do! Finally Sat. the painting was all done! It seemed like I had been in the midst of this for weeks, but the actual painting lasted 4 days.

Then, I had to go all by myself on 2 busses to find some new horizontal mini-blinds! Thank God they had them right color and size and length. It was a NIGHTMARE, getting 5 varying lengths of blinds home on the bus, but I'm tenacious! I went to 3 Home Depots in the area! The last one had what I wanted....a lovely white by Bali! Matches the paint perfectly.

So, yesterday and today I had to clean and scrape the glass on all the windows and get all nice to install blinds! I did that ALL BY MYSELF! I"m so proud...ha ha. It's really hard when you're alone with no-one to help you, let me tell you! You're lucky if you have your family to help around the house ! I'm so so sore, everywhere, now even my FINGERS are hurting alot! Next I have to prep for the wall to wall carpeting! It will be installed next week on wed. 3/21/07. It is a gorgeous light dusty rose color. I did boring cream the last time, so I opted for a bit of color this time. So, this weekend I will organize and move more things out of the room to get ready for the installation. I need to pace myself, now!

With the bright and beautiful new room, I had to shop for new accessories. I found a gorgeous antique look big wall clock, and a pair of gorgeous torchier lamps with cut and etched/frosted glass! Not the ones on the link, but similar! Instead of $1,100 each, I paid $65.00 for the pair! Can I shop or what??? All very Victorian and proper looking! I rearranged some artwork and lamps I already had, and it's like I hired a decorator!

Well, that's the Bunni News for now, I'm exhausted just reading about it all!
I hope you are well and you have a great week and a Stupendous St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

You sure have been a busy bunny bee! I'm sure it is all very beautiful!

Teresa said...

Hi Bunni~

So today's the day!!! New carpet. You must be very excited. We love the color you picked, sounds beautiful. You really have been very busy. Sounds like it's turning out to be gorgeous though. The lamps are very elegant. I'm glad things are going well. Can't wait to hear how the carpet installation went!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa!
Thanks for the comment. I've been busy getting ready before/after carpet day! It Looks Beautiful! Better than I expected. Now I am busy vaccuming it, and putting furniture back and things! I think by the start of next week, it will be all sorted out! Now, I have to buy a nice new sofa! It never ends. I really appreciate your nice compliments on everything...I can tell you have great taste too!
Luv Ya, ~ The Bunni ~

Bernadette said...

Hi Bunni,
Just stopped by to comment and see how things are going. You certainly have been extremely busy. Everything that you've done sounds wonderful and exciting... I have a pair of Lamps similar to the ones you brought. I am also in the mist of fixing up around the house as well. We are replacing some old carpet, and boy does that take lots of work!! Everytime I look around my home I notice more and more things that need to be done, LOL. I am so happy for you and we are cheering you on!! I think the new look and feel of your home will now reflect all the good things coming your way this "2007" Remember this is our year!!! Luv you ~Bernadette~

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Bernadette & Dilly!
How nice of you to comment! I know you're busy too, and I'm sure everything will turn out lovely for you! I'm the same way, every thing I look at, I think I need to fix it! That's how it is when you own a home. Good Luck on your new carpet and all the decorating projects. And, I say "Amen", this is the year that will be great for us, so it's fun to fix up and get ready for it! God Bless, Bunni

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